Dead group , Advertising group , Zombie group always becomes the final destination of wechat group operation , How to improve wechat group activity ?

Hand out red envelopes , Playing games is a popular way for many operators and wechat marketers to activate wechat groups , But one song ends , The onlookers just slapped their butts and left , No effective interaction at all . If wechat group operation needs to continuously improve its activity , Hand out red envelopes , Don't worry too much about playing games , At best, it's just a reallocation , Besides, in some high-quality wechat groups , Rely on hair red bag , The way of playing games doesn't really attract many users .

In addition to these methods , Is there no way to improve the group's activity ?

We sometimes use some third-party auxiliary management tools in wechat group operation , The characteristics of these auxiliary management tools are that they can help people complete some basic operation and management work , For example, keyword reply , Welcome to the group, etc . In terms of social interaction , It can also be realized with these tools .
Let's see what's practical , Small functions that can improve group activity .

refuse classification :
“ What kind of rubbish are you ?”
As a soul from the new era , How practical the garbage sorting function is , I'm afraid the people of Shanghai have learned the most , Of course, other city people don't want to avoid it , refuse classification , Everyone is responsible .
Search the garbage classification of items according to key words , such as “ What kind of rubbish is an egg ”“ What kind of rubbish does dried tea belong to ”, Don't worry about the classification of garbage .

weather forecast : One minute to know the weather , You can have a good time every day

Check the news : One machine in hand , Get hot information quickly

Search for pictures : Landscape , Adoration map , Beauty diagram , Star map , Science and Technology Map … What do you want to see , It's all here

Story joke : Smile hard , Don't hold it

Health knowledge : Today, we are also healthy boy/girl, On one 90 Self cultivation of young people of later age

Constellation explanation : Are you a virgin? ? Get to know about Virgo

Gold market : Investing in gold ? Help you understand the latest gold market

A complete menu
: Here are steamed lambs , Steamed bear paw , Steamed deer tail , Braised duck , Roast chicken , Braised goose , Stewed pig , pot-stewed duck , Chicken in Brown Sauce , Bacon , Pine flower , stomach , Air meat , sausage , Assorted Su Pan'er , Smoked chicken with white stomach , Steamed Babao pig , Steamed duck with rice , Jared pheasant , Quail in pot , Stewed Assorted pieces , Stewed goose , pheasant , Preserved rabbit , Vegetable Python , Silverfish , Steamed toad ! Braised shredded pork loin , Braised duck loin , Braised duck strips , Mixed Shredded Duck , Yellow heart tube , Stewed eel , Stewed eel , Catfish with black bean sauce , Stewed carp in pot , Braised catfish in pot , Steamed Turtle , Stir Fried Carp , Stir fried prawn , Soft-Fried Pork Tenderloin , Fried chicken !

What else do you want to know , Come and tell me

With these fun little features , It's no longer necessary to improve wechat group activity , I hope you all have a noisy group , Make the most beautiful baby duck ~~~

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