Wechat increased “ Take a picture ” New features of , Double click a friend's Avatar , The avatar will shake and have a text prompt , So a group of young people are very much like the old people who just learned to use intelligent machines ......

Zhang Xiaolong writes in the circle of friends :“ In the history of wechat, only one line of code is needed for interesting functions , Take a picture , Say hello like an ant .”  Although some make complaints about chicken ribs, they are useless. , But I had a good time , Everyone's social desire seems to be rekindled .

  Many people are interested in what this line of code looks like , So a great God posted the following line Lambda Grammatical C++ code , As follows :
head.onDoubleClick([&](e){ msgSender.send({.msgType= MSG_TYPE_SYSTEM_TEXT,
.contentTemplate = fmt("%s Take a picture %s" , app.getCurrentUser(), e.target)}); });

from QQ Friends of the times yes “ Take a picture ” Not too new , It was also popular in those years QQ Desktop “ Jitter window ” And mobile “ To poke ” It's this kind of function , Compared with “ To shake ” and “ To poke ”,“ Take a picture ” The way to remind is even less obvious : Except for the text record in the chat interface , There are no other forms of reminders , Mobile will not push messages , It doesn't vibrate .

“ Take a picture ” The other side of boring make complaints about this kind of cute little creation will add some freshness to our interpersonal relationship. , Even if it's short-lived .

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