Scientific background only means that your profession is consistent with yours , It means you have a unique advantage , As for the advantages, it depends on whether you are good at work or not , Do you usually skip class , Do you listen to or play with mobile phones at work . Generally speaking, the theory of the scientific class is relatively strong , The practical ability is a little poor , After all, the school mainly guides the thinking of learning , Some people think that schools should come up with practical learning and social integration , Then it's a vocational college , If schools become society , Is there any ivory tower in your mind , In fact, when I go to university, I always leave a beautiful thought , Let yourself remember regret but not regret .

The training can not be generalized , Some of the trainees are also of scientific background , And I learned a lot at ordinary times , I just want to improve my knowledge and ability through training . But most of the training is based on their own lack of ability , Or want to find a job quickly , So training is generally based on quick success , Training normally belongs to the process of high-speed learning , Give you a lot of knowledge in a short time , Make you very full , So after the training, you need to find a job as soon as possible, or it's easy to forget , It's not traditional education that makes your knowledge fully integrated .

Therefore, there is not much difference between science class and training at a certain level , In fact, Keban may be talking about self-study , Find a job in programming through self-study , In the company, it is basically high-quality resources , Many technical interviewers have this feeling , It's basically the same in reality , Self taught job seekers , It's hard work to take all the difficulties and knowledge down . Self study will be more painful than training , And the cycle is long , So I don't recommend self-study programming if I want to achieve results in a short time .

The difference between self-study and training

1. Long cycle of self-study programming , Sticking to it is more referential for future work , It takes a lot of perseverance

2. Short training cycle , Not very strong for willpower , But I want to see some results in a short time , Think about it

3. It's recommended to be a sophomore or a freshman , If you want to learn programming, you can try it on your own , Because I graduated early , The cycle of self-study is enough , Don't waste this great time

4. Whether it's self-study or training, if self-study ability can't be established , Entering the company is a kind of devastation .
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