It looks beautiful , It's brutal , This is entrepreneurship . The success of entrepreneurship is extremely accidental , Failure is inevitable . What we see is the brilliance of a few successful people , What we can't see is the untold gloom and sadness of the losers .

  2004 year , The average survival time of Chinese start-ups is 3.7 year , here we are 2011 year , This number drops to 2.9 year . Live in China 3 Less than 10 years old 10%. Even in the United States , Live through 5 The enterprises in 20%, Here 20% In the enterprise of , only 20% We can survive the second 5 year . let me put it another way , stateside , Can survive 10 Enterprises in 4%.

   For a person's life , The opportunity to start a business is also to be met but not to be found . When I was young , Passionate and energetic , But no connections, no money , Personal ability is not enough . Equal capacity , capital , People are here , I'm getting older , Passion and energy are not as good as when you were young .

   that , A committed entrepreneur , How to be a lucky leader ?

   Taking advantage of the situation is the key .

   Xiaomi Tech CEO Lei Jun once said , Entrepreneurship Essentials “ Looking for the wind mouth that blows the fat pig to the sky ”. this “ Gale mouth ”, Is the trend of the times . Entrepreneurs must have Macro Thinking , Never do what you like , But to know the world , What's going on in the country and the times , Follow the trend . Luck is more important than effort .

   Last 30 years , China's economy is developing very fast ,GDP Growing every year 8% The speed of growth , This is unique in today's world . Why can China create such an economic miracle ? According to Wu Xiaobo , Because China has caught up with the great opportunities of the world , First, the last bus for industrial transfer of Industrial Revolution , Second, the first bus of the Internet wave of information revolution .

   These two opportunities , Created two different groups of entrepreneurs in China . The first batch of entrepreneurs represented by Wenzhou entrepreneurs . They are mostly engaged in traditional industries , Education is generally not high , The driving force of entrepreneurship is to get rid of poverty , The mode of enterprise development is based on the existing industry to expand and deepen , Self accumulation , Rolling development . Zhang Chaoyang, the second batch of entrepreneurs , Chen Tianqiao , Robin Li , pony , Ma Yun and other representatives , Engaged in emerging industries such as the Internet . Most of them have a good higher education , Entrepreneurship is to realize a big dream . What they started was an unprecedented industry , Enterprises develop by financing .

   For the first batch of enterprises , Profitability is the first productivity . The needs of Wenzhou enterprises from entrepreneurship to listing 15 Year time . Different from their predecessors , The first productivity of the second batch of enterprises is financing ability . Internet enterprises from entrepreneurship to listing , It's only five years . At this speed , Only standing in informatization , globalization , The tuyere of three typhoons for capitalization , To do it . Such a big opportunity , Maybe there won't be another time in the history of human economic development .

   however , If you don't catch up with those two startups “ Gale mouth ”, Don't lose heart . China's next 20 years , Still the golden age of entrepreneurs .

   Millions of start-ups fall down every year in China , But at the same time , Every year 120 Ten thousand enterprises were born . In theory , Anyone in any industry should work for seven years , There will be a chance of success . Because the country's economy is growing , Follow the economic aggregate , annually 7%, Seven 7%, It's also very impressive .

   Great opportunities for China to create new great enterprises in the future , In the following three aspects :

   First, urbanization . The huge demand brought by urbanization will make “made in China” Turn into “made for China”.

   Second, the change of consumption concept .80 after ,90 Post consumption concept and 60 after ,70 It's totally different , New consumption concept will give birth to a new market with great potential .

   Third, transform traditional industries with Internet . Under the transformation of Internet , All traditional industries are sunrise industries . China's next 20 years , No sunset industry . TaoBao , Jingdong changed the traditional retail industry , Ctrip ,“ Where are you going? ” Changed traditional tourism , Ding Lei has gone to raise pigs , Liu Chuanzhi has entered agriculture …… Traditional industries in China , In the past few years, it has been quietly changed by the Internet , New opportunities , It's also quietly pregnant .

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