Connect to the last loop , Got the girl's cell phone number and added wechat ,QQ, Take the initiative to talk to her , At first, she was still shy , And then we got to know each other , Seriously, this girl is really like me , Crazy in front of acquaintances . I said it the first time I met , We are very similar in character , It's easy to talk . edge , too wonderful for words , This kind of thing doesn't make sense , Girl is good. I'll take care of it first , At first, she didn't really want me to be her object ( I am slightly fat , Not tall or low , The only good thing is good skin , Whiter than her ~) Later, I knew that there was a handsome young man chasing her , Thanks to my persistence , be lost to all sense of shame , I'm not a single dog anymore =-=

After identifying the relationship between male and female friends , It wasn't long before she started school , Can't meet often . Usually QQ, Wechat or phone . Not long after that meeting , I've got news from my resume. Let's go for an interview , It's just a human interview , I asked for personal information , After chatting for a while, I let it go back . Go back to find out the interview questions printed in the training class at that time and start to review them , I've been reciting for a few days, thinking that I'm free to take the driving test , Made an appointment for the exam . Who knows, the day before the exam, call tomorrow afternoon 2 Go to the retest , Fortunately, it doesn't conflict with the test , Subject 2 is not far from the company . I've been practicing subject two for weeks , I passed the exam smoothly , If you want to have a retest, you will be happy .

To the company , Lots of interviewers , There have to be a dozen . Waiting is annoying , I can't be dazed , Think about the self introduction , Knowledge point interview questions . After a long time, I saw a few more people , I have plenty of time , You can prepare more . A faint purr was heard , Look at the brother next to me , good heavens , This position is very comfortable , It seems to be sleeping . Slapped him on the shoulder , Brother woke up , It's his turn , Rub your eyes and go in . It doesn't matter if you go in here , I can't get out , I feel like I have time for three people . Think it's the company's Treasure ?! A man of ability ? Not yet , You won't be admitted , Do you still have a chance , Forget it no more , Calm down . Brother finally came out , I asked my brother what he talked about in it
“ Nothing to talk about , Gossiping ”( This elder brother is my teacher and friend who worked later )

It's finally my turn , Call my name , Push the door in , Say hello to the interviewer , I won't sit until the interviewer says I'm seated , Interviewing me 5 personal , I haven't seen it before , I'm still a little flustered , Take out a resume that you have prepared for the person sitting in the middle ,“ I'm really sorry , I didn't expect so many interviewers , I have only one resume , I'll have more next time ”, The interviewer in the middle looked at his resume “ Let's introduce ourselves ”, Recite the prepared self introduction word for word , I've exchanged personal information , Are you married , Is it local , People next to you start asking technical questions , It's all about framing , database , And concurrency , Fortunately, the interview questions in the pamphlet that I left in the previous training were not bad , It's all answered , I don't know if I'm satisfied with the answers , But they all answered . last , Let's ask some questions about our company , This is also prepared , The first one , Current projects of the company . The second question is about the future development plan of the company . Didn't ask about the treatment , Five risks and one gold . If you take these things , Personnel must have told you very clearly .
And then it was “ good , Go back and wait for the announcement !” This familiar sentence

Recently, the company's project is in urgent need , The overtime work has lasted for half a month , Every night 11 Many points , Weekend double , I feel like I'm dying , high pressure . Since the company resumed work , Several developers quit , The rest of the mess , The one who wants to go on after suffering , Not enough pay , I've thought about it, and I've quit , But there is always a voice in my heart , I will finish this project for him , Close out , go online . This is my bottom line of professional ethics , It's the most boring way to run . One of my colleagues asked me tonight , It's right to have difficulties , This time is the most experienced , It's also a critical moment for capacity improvement .
I think I'll stick to it , This project is online , It's a perfect ending to my work .

If it's a mountain , We need to jump over it .

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