Create a world of extraordinary achievements 2020 It's been a month since the autumn camp began to recruit , There is still a long way to go before the current recruitment deadline 1 day !

Extraordinary achievements ( primary YC China ), By Dr. Lu Qi 2018 Founded in . As an investment institution , We will always pursue 「 Entrepreneurs first 」 Principle of , Through investment + Accelerated coaching
Form of , Hope to find a promising founder , Be their first , Most important investors .

Dr. Lu Qi will lead the team like a co-founder , Help entrepreneurial teams quickly find product market match (PMF), And realize rapid expansion in scale , Provide long-term and valuable help to entrepreneurial teams .

About extraordinary achievements 「 Business Camp 」

Extraordinary achievements 「 Business Camp 」, It's amazing 「 Entrepreneur growth plan 」 An important part of . We use “ investment + Accelerated coaching + Long term company ”
Mode of , Held every year 2 Business Camp ( Spring camp & Autumn camp ), Duration of each period 3 Months . Through application , screen , interview 3 Links , We will recruit a certain number of entrepreneurial teams for investment ,
Dr. Lucci will 3 In months , Weekly personal guidance , And long-term help , Handle the entrepreneurial team to the best condition with high strength .

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After entering the camp , What will you get ?

●  Investment in Qiji Chuangtan

We will invest 1 Start up capital , In exchange for a small stake in the founding team , And help enterprises solve products , sale , strategy , Problems encountered in management and other important topics , At the same time, provide the help and resources needed .

●  Dr. Lu Qi personally directed 3 Months of accelerated counseling

( No need to be out of production , No fees )

2020 Autumn camp

●  Application deadline

2020 year 6 month 25 day  20:00( night 8 spot )

●  Place of entry
Beijing ( No need to stay )

●  Entry period

●  Is there any charge for the start-up camp ?
There won't be any charge for the start-up camp , We invest in every selected team .

●  Do you need to be out of production when entering the camp ?
unwanted . During the entrepreneurial camp , Founder still works in team City , Travel to Beijing only when there is an event . with 2019 The first business camp , Founder Thursday every other week & Concentrated study in Beijing on Friday 2 day .

●  What is the admission process ?


Recruitment target

●  Unlimited fields , Unlimited industry

●  Unlimited stage , Early dominant (A Round and before )

●  I hope you have great ambition

Previous guest lecturers

Alumni said

Good community atmosphere , All the students can give advice to each other , Like the other company's cofounder Same advice . A group of young people CEO in harness , Can touch a lot NB Thinking of . Everyone has patience , Different from finance VC And war throw , It's different from all the investors in the past , Qi Ji, like a comrade in arms, accompanies us through the most confused early stage .


“ Close the door , Most of you are sharing something very simple . Tell yourself to forget about the garish bustle in front of the media , concentrate on make something people
really want. At the start-up camp , Help each other , Progress with each other , Let me believe in the best entrepreneurial community in China's future , It will start here , Towards a bright future .

 —— Want to enjoy

“ After listening to the suggestions and sharing of Qiji team and big guy , At least three adjustments have been made back to the company , The biggest achievement is to make my strategy more focused , And it's worked .

 —— Pencil track

“ Let's talk about the results , Business growth during business startup 376%.

 —— New nuclear cloud

Application method

apply 「 Qiji innovation business camp 」 No need BP,

What you need to do , Just fill in our application form carefully

Application method : 

Scan the QR code below to apply for access to the official website


After registration, it is recommended to fill in the application by computer

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