【 Smile every day 】
The earthworm family is bored this day , The little earthworm cut himself in two and played badminton ;
Mother earthworm thinks it's a good way , I cut myself into four pieces to play mahjong ;
Earthworm dad thought about it , I cut myself into minced meat . Mother earthworm cried :“ Why are you so stupid ? If you cut it like this, you'll die !”
The father of earthworm said weakly :“…… Suddenly want to play football .”

【 Smile every day 】
Five yuan was kidnapped by a criminal gang , Call the hundred dollar bill :“ feed ! Your son is here , If you don't want us to tear up the ticket, we'll exchange it for him !”
A hundred dollar bill thought for a moment :“ Tear it , Tear up your company 5 I don't have any money !”

【 Smile every day 】
Tortoise and hare race ..... The rabbit ran quickly to the front ......
The tortoise saw a snail crawling very slowly ..... Tell him : You come up , Let me carry you ..... then ...... The snail is coming up ......
After a while .... Tortoise sees another ant .... Tell him : Come on, too .... So the ants came up .
After ants come up ...... See the snail above ...... Said a word to him : Hello ! Do you know what a snail says ?
Snail theory : Hold on , This turtle is so fast .......

【 Smile every day 】
There is a couple having dinner , The girl kept asking the boy : Do you love me or not ?
The boy looks at the girl and continues to eat dinner .
The girl was angry and asked again : Do you love me or not ?
The boy finally said : love !
Girl asked again : How do you prove that ?
Suddenly the boy took 30 yuan out of his pocket , And ask the girls : Do you have ten yuan ?
The girl gave the boy ten yuan ......
The boy put forty yuan on the table , After a while .....
The girl asked the boy angrily : Do you want to prove that you love me !
Boys say : I've proved it ! Forty in front of us

【 Smile every day 】
one day , A house is on fire , Mom and dad are out , There's only one son left . My mother was very nervous outside shouting :
“ Son ..... What are you doing? ...... It's on fire. It's not coming out ......”
Son answers :“ I'm wearing socks .....”
Mother said ,“ What socks are you wearing when it's on fire ....”
Five minutes later , Son hasn't come out yet ......
Mom yells nervously ,“ Son , What are you doing ? Come on out ~ It's all on fire , Still in there .....”
The son said ,“ I'm taking off my socks ........”

【 Smile every day 】
Someone went fishing by the river , Put on a leaf first ~ I haven't caught a fish for half a day , He changed another loaf of bread ~ I haven't caught a fish for half a day ~ There's no way. He has to change earthworms ~ I haven't caught a fish for half a day ~~
He took out a hundred yuan stir fry and threw it into the water :
“TMD, What to eat ! Buy it yourself !”

【 Smile every day 】
“ I can't see too far ,” The patient told the ophthalmologist .
“ Follow me, please ,” The doctor took the patient outside , Pointing at the sun in the sky , ask the way ,“ Look what that is ?”
“ sunlight .” Patient response .
“ How far do you want to see !”

【 Smile every day 】
One day, the animals smelt a bad smell in front of the Guangong temple .
Snake theory : I'm too young to fart like that , It must be a cow .
Cattle theory : I'm a grass eater. I don't fart like that .
Pig theory : People who fart must blush .
Suddenly Guan Gong rushed out , Beat the pig to fly : How many times , I blush by nature .

【 Smile every day 】
One day a man met God , God is suddenly ready to give that man a wish ......
God asked , Do you have any wishes ? The man thought about it , I heard that cats have 9 Life , Please give it to me 9 All my life .
God said : good , Your wish comes true .
one day , That man is idle , Let's die , Anyway 9 All my life , Lying on the tracks ......
As a result, a train passed by ..... The man is still dead , Why is that ? Because the carriage of that train has 10 section .

【 Smile every day 】
Thousands of years ago , Whether male or female , They squat when they pee , Until the Tang Dynasty , Things have changed ……
Have you heard of Taizong in Tang Dynasty ! He has a pair of Beijing dogs in his family , Once, Emperor Taizong went to Huashan to worship heaven , Take this couple ……
At half time , The bitch is suddenly in a hurry , So I ran to a tree to solve it , It's a very disrespectful act at the time of sacrifice , So he annoyed the Jade Emperor , The Jade Emperor ordered Lei Gong to fight a thunder , Right on the tree , The tree fell , Crushed the bitch , The male dog is very scared after watching it ……
evermore , Every time a male dog pees under a tree , They all stick out one foot , Push against the tree , Lest the tree fall down and press itself

【 Smile every day 】

Xiaoguang is a studious student , He used part-time winter vacation to earn tuition . Cut meat for butchers during the day , In the evening, I went to the hospital to practice . One night , There's an old woman in the emergency room , To operate , Xiao Guang pushes her into the operating room . The old woman cried out in panic :“ Oh, my God ! You're the pig killer , Where are you going to push me !

【 Smile every day 】
Spiders love ants , But I was rejected when I expressed my love , Spider roars :“ Why? ? Why is all this ?” Said the ant timidly :“ My mother said it , It's not a good person to stay online all day long !”

【 Smile every day 】
A couple are fishing by the river . Ma'am always quarreling , After a while, the fish got hooked , Madam said : How pitiful the fish is . Husband said : Yeah , Just shut up. It's okay ?

【 Smile every day 】
A couple came to a wishing well . Husband stoops , After making a wish, he threw a coin into the well . My wife wants to make a wish , But when she bent over, she accidentally turned into the well . The husband was stunned , Then smile and say to yourself :“ really TMD Spirit !”

【 Smile every day 】
Carp and turtle go to get the marriage certificate . The clerk asked the age of the tortoise , Tortoise says :100. The clerk said regretfully : I'm sorry , According to your family rules , You're underage , No marriage .

【 Smile every day 】
One person always farts at work , Colleagues can't help saying : Can you keep quiet ? Then I saw him sitting there shaking . Colleagues asked him what he was doing , He replied : I've set it to vibration now !

【 Smile every day 】
Cats are forced by life , Sitting at the fox's night fragrance Salon . One day , The mouse came to the hair salon to call for the night , The cat will die . The mouse said angrily : After me , We're going to catch up , Now send it to your door , Return to the hypocrisy !

【 Smile every day 】
Several students got up late on the test day , They lied that the bus had a flat tire, so they missed the exam , The professor agreed to make up the exam , And arrange In different examination rooms , There is only one question in the paper :“ Which tire has burst ?”

【 Smile every day 】
It is said that a company recruits , First, throw away half of the resumes you received at random , Because their recruitment concept is “ We don't want luck Bad people ”

【 Smile every day 】

The geography teacher used to be a man , Special violence , Whoever speaks or distracts is a punch , But not girls , There's a new girl who doesn't know , I thought men and women were equal , Once she was reading comics in class , Discovered by the geography teacher , Come to her , I haven't said anything yet , The girl's face turned white with fear , Shout : It's not polite . Our geography teacher Pu Buhan .

【 Smile every day 】

In middle school , Mid term Chinese test paper , Translation of classical Chinese “ Tyranny is stronger than tiger ”, I translate it into “ Ferocious taxes and levies , More fierce than the teacher !” I didn't find sweat until I got my hair curled ! The head teacher drew a huge red circle , stay “ teacher ” Two words up . That's all 2 branch , Buckle me 5 branch .

【 Smile every day 】
A shy young man dates a girl for the first time , But I can't find a topic . finally , He started talking to the girl :
“ How is your mother's life ?”
“ thank you ! She's fine .”
“ What about the father ?”
“ Very good, too .”
“ Brothers and sisters ?”
“ thank you ! They all have a good life .”
The boy is speechless again . Then the girl reminded him :“ I have grandparents ! Why don't you ask ?”




【 Smile every day 】
female :“ Why do you always chew sugar when you talk to me ?”
male :“ How can there be so much sweet talk without chewing sugar ?”

【 Smile every day 】
In the park , A young man met a girl . The young man said :“ You're my sunshine , My moon , You are the brightest star in the constellation ”
Girl listened for a long time , Can't help saying :“ You're courting me , Still giving me astronomy ?”

【 Smile every day 】
A shy man never has the courage to talk to the woman he loves . But she knew and loved him very much , Often create opportunities for him to show his love , He couldn't take advantage of the opportunities she had created .
One night , He and she sat on a park bench , He was, as usual, silent again , She couldn't help but make another chance to hint at him :“ It is said that a man's arm is the same length as a woman's waist , I don't know if you believe it ?”
“ is that true? ?” He replied ,“ Unfortunately, I didn't bring a rope to measure it .”

【 Smile every day 】
female :“ dear , Do you think my clothes are beautiful ?”
male :“ See your clothes , Reminds me of the sea .”
female :“ I'm flattered , Am I as beautiful as the sea ?”
male :“ Whenever I see the sea , I'm dizzy .

【 Smile every day 】
female :“ Why do you use one eye every time you look at me ?”
male :“ I can see it clearly .”
female :“ Why? ?”
male :“ Target with one eye .”

【 Smile every day 】
A primary school teacher said to her boyfriend :“ Your last letter , I have compiled the mid-term Chinese test paper . This question can test students' Chinese level comprehensively .”
Boyfriend asked :“ You're asking them to analyze grammar , Explain idioms ?”
Girlfriend answer :“ I told them to correct their mistakes !”

【 Smile every day 】
A couple of lovers walking in the garden .
male :“ dear , You are as beautiful as this flower .”
female :“ How about you ?”
male :“ Of course, it is a butterfly nestling on the flowers .”
female :“ I hate it .”
male :“ Why? ?”
female :“ Didn't you see it ? It's flying to another flower .”

【 Smile every day 】
A girl and a boy are going to the park , Talking in all directions . The girl is stepping on the banana skin , Almost slip , Young man, help the girl .
The girl said with a smile :“ today , Without you , I'll make a fool of myself .”
Young man asked :“ What kind of flower are you ?”
Girl said :“ Of course, morning glory !”

















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