Last night, I was bombarded by the wechat group of gang Jia
Wake up and never fall asleep
Turn over wechat list
I have 40 or 50 wechat groups
So I started to think about why we should add so many groups ?

Is it because of love ?
I don't believe it myself

A group of strangers can get together
It's just a matter of getting what they need
Understand industry trends and various insider information
Expand contacts , mutual cooperation
Answer questions , Find help
Seeking emotional consolation , Kill time

I thought I could participate in everything in the group
But there's always something wonderful that makes me want to die in minutes TA The impulse of
I want to disclose all these wonderful social behaviors

Link to hair
Games , Weeding wool , Small advertisement ……
Under the premise that the group master stipulates that irrelevant links cannot be sent
There are still people in the middle of the night , 5 a.m
Information bombardment
I thought there was something important

It's just a healthy and active group
Become the death group of the whole staff
Silent at the end of wechat list

I just want to talk to someone who doesn't have a word to say
In fact, most people see these links
It won't open at all okay !

Hongbao hobby
I met two kinds of red envelope fans in wechat
A false generosity
It's a kind of poor crazy

A false and generous person :
I don't know if you've ever had this experience
“ Please help ”
And throw a red envelope

In fact, I'm not short of the money
I just took your money and didn't help you
I feel sorry for myself
But I always think it's an insult to my helpfulness

What a poor, crazy man :
Who robbed others' red envelopes by mistake
In the group @ It won't make a sound

Emotional catharsis
“ What a bad day ”
“ My mother-in-law, my husband, my child blabla”
“ How does the boss drip ”
Spread all kinds of negative energy in the group every day
Seek comfort
Giving emotional value occasionally can
But it's a lot of times. It's really amazing ***
Please be a mature person

Don't think of people as emotional trash
I don't want to know about your family !

Inappropriate speech
Whatever the nature of the community
Whatever you like to share
Regardless of occasion , be inopportune or inappropriate

For example, working during working hours and sending photos of vacations in groups
In the industry exchange group talk about what gift boyfriend gave

actually We don’t care!
I'm not really lemonade

Gangjing type
Through verbal provocation , Belittle others
Show your superiority
We have to deal with everything
Their motto is :
To live is to fight

For example, I ate a delicious restaurant today
Shared several pictures
Bar elite appears :
It's delicious ?
Only those who don't know much will go
The food environment is very common
No, I didn't ** Delicious at home

In other words, we met by chance
Why do you say that

Open mouth is asking type
There's a group of people who don't talk
Just ask
“ What is this ?”
“ What's the date today ?”
“ How many days does the festival last ?”
Don't you know Baidu Zhihu Weibo ?

There are others
As soon as it appears, it needs information, resources and members
Just shared by Mingming group !!
I started asking in two minutes
“ Who has ** Is the play resource ?”
“ Who has a funny expression bag ?”


We must have wronged her
After all, the group leaders created a fan circle
This is the style of painting :

Spammers and messages are blacklisted
There's no trace
Post under each specific topic
You can find the resources you want right away
The community is healthy and harmonious

Wish everyone can be a popular person in the community
I also hope that every operator can manage his own community
If the community gets out of control Management in bottleneck
Remember to come to Fan Jun in time
Fans circle provides you with professional online community service solutions

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