One . introduction
1.1 Project background

Online shopping online website is dedicated to providing product display and ordering as the core online shopping service to promote the products of its own store and show its own products to customers , Enable customers to purchase products freely through the website . This website is to browse products through user login , View announcement , purchase , Confirm purchase , Realize the function of user module . Where order generation , Website background system , Manage products through system administrator , order , User to implement .
1.2 Preliminary work

Before we write this requirement , First of all, the major online sales websites were investigated , These include : Page layout , Customer consumption process , And the administrator's actions , These three blocks were investigated . And summed up the design ideas with their own characteristics .
1.3 reference material
《 Software requirements analysis 》《 Online shopping mall demand analysis plan 》.

Two . Technical overview
2.1 target
We use php Technology building website , Strive to make this website a friendly interface , Convenient shopping for users , Convenient shopping system for administrator .
2.2 Hardware support
Cpu: 1G above , Memory :512M above

Three . functional requirement
3.1 Function block division

Online shopping mall is divided into two parts , One part is user oriented , include : Customer online registration , shopping , place order , Payment and other operations ; The other part is the management of the mall , This part includes : Product addition , delete , query , Order management , Operator management , Management of registered users, etc .
3.2 Function block description
3..2.1 Some functions for users :
Registration function . Customers should first register as users of online shopping mall . Just fill in the login user name when registering , password , Contact email 3 Item information . After registration , Users can continue to fill in detailed personal information and consignee information truthfully , Password can be changed at the same time , Query and modify orders .
(2) Select product features . Customers browse online shopping mall ,
Put the products you need into the shopping cart ( It can be found on the homepage of online shopping mall , Front page of counter , Product categories , Exclusive store Homepage , Search results page , Do this on the product details page ), Products can be added continuously .
(3) Manage shopping cart . Customers can enter the shopping cart page after selecting products , See what you want to buy , The quantity of a product can be modified , Cancel a purchase and empty the entire cart .
Order function . The customer submits the order after confirming the goods in the shopping cart , If the customer has filled in the consignee information , The information will be displayed on the page and confirmed by the customer . If it has not been filled in, the corresponding form will be displayed for filling in , The system records the consignee information submitted by customers for their next purchase . After the customer submits the order, they can query the order in the online mall , And cancel the order that has not been processed , Modification and other operations .
(5) Payment function . After the order is confirmed by the seller , To select a payment method , And pay to the seller , Then we can receive the goods .
3.2.2 Some functions of background management :
Management personnel . Users in this section have a super administrator and several ordinary administrators , Super administrator has the highest permission , Access to all orders , Browsable , Query order , Browsable , Modify general administrator and member information , There are two kinds of common administrators , One is order administrator : Mainly responsible for order management , Browsable , Modify order status , Browse member information ; The other is the interface administrator : Mainly responsible for interface management , Can be increased , Delete goods, advertisements, etc .
Manage order function . Customers can pass Web Method cancel , Modify the order submitted by yourself ( Before administrator confirms ), Query self submitted orders ( at any time ). If the order status is within a certain time limit ( as 12 Hours ) It hasn't changed since (“ Order close ” Except for status ), The system automatically reminds the administrator ( If the order changes color , Pop up reminder window and other ways . Order status changes , The system sends automatically E-mail For customers ,“ Invalid order ”,“ Order close ” Except for status ).
(3) Manage product functions . Administrators can add , modify , Delete item .

Four . Performance requirements
4.1 Data accuracy price unit reserved to points .
4.2 adaptability
Shopping process should be simple and clear , Clear product pictures , Accurate description of product information .

Five . System flow chart
5.1 The customer flow chart is as follows

5.2 Order processing process description
(1) Customer submits order .
(2) Page display :“ Thank you for shopping online , Your order has been submitted successfully , We will 12 Within hours Contact you . If you have any questions, you can call the online mall customer service hotline ”.
(3) Enter order information into system audit , If approved , Then the order will be received , And inform the customer to pay , If the audit is lost Defeat ( If the information filled in is invalid or not in stock ), Send the failure reason to the customer , Delete order at the same time .
The order has the following statuses :“ Submitted successfully , Not approved yet ”,“ User cancel ”,“ Invalid order ”,“ Reviewed , Outstanding payment ”,“ Payment succeeded , Not yet shipped ”,“ Payment unsuccessful ”,“ Shipped ”,“ book
Single close ” etc .
(5) Customer submits order , Order receipt is “ Submitted successfully , Not approved yet ” state ; Order administrator in the background
Browse to order submitted by customer , After confirming that the order information is valid , The status of the order is “ Reviewed , Outstanding payment ”, If invalid ( If the consignee's information is false ), Set its status to “ Invalid order ”; Before order approval , Consumers can modify or cancel their submitted orders online .
After the administrator reviews the order , Then the system contacts customers , Inform him to pay , Set the order status as “ Payment succeeded , Not yet shipped ”,“ Payment unsuccessful ”, If the payment is unsuccessful, continue to inform the customer to pay , If there is no payment within a certain period of time ( as 24 Within hours ), Set order status to “ Order cancellation ”.
(7) After successful payment , Ship by seller , Order goes through next “ Shipped ”,“ Order close ” Two states .
Six . Data flow graph
6.1 The data flow diagram is as follows

6.1.1 Top level diagram of online shopping system

6.1.2 First floor of online shopping system ( member )

6.1.3 First floor of online shopping system ( Shopping system )

6.1.4 Second floor of online shopping system ( Order management system )

6.1.4 Second floor of online shopping system ( Interface management system )

6.1.5 Three layer diagram of online shopping system ( Commodity management system )

6.1.6 Three layer diagram of online shopping system ( Advertising and other information management systems )

6.1.7 Second floor of online shopping system ( Registered member management system )

6.1.8 First floor of online shopping system ( Administrator system )

Seven . functional module
1 Structure of shopping mall , Thought planning
2 Front desk of shopping mall UI Interface design
3 Demand confirmation , Database development
4 Commodity display system ( Include recommendations , Comments and other modules )
5 Customization system *
6 Advertising system
7 Membership management system
8 Online payment system
9 Order system
10 Integral management system *
11 Shopping cart system
12 Network security system ( Network card binding module , IP Binding module , Other network security methods )
13 Financial management system ( Make statistics of sales and profits and generate reports )
14 Website configuration and authority management
15 Content management system
16 Distribution management ( Only available API Interface )
17 feedback system
18 Friendship link management
19 Email group sending system
20 Voting system
21 Seckill system *
22 Group buying system *
23 SEO optimization
24 Other functions *

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