I've only heard about it before IBM The server of is better , But I haven't seen it or used it .

    Recently, the company has high requirements for the system due to the newly started distribution system , So I bought one IBMX3400 Server for . Configuration is OK : Xeon quad core processor ,146GB ATA Hard disk ,4GB
IMB Original memory , Gigabit Ethernet .

When I first got this guy , I'm so scared by it . It's about the length of two regular desktops , And it's quite heavy , It takes two people to move . And the whinny at the moment when the machine was turned on surprised me a lot . I happen to have a colleague from Guangdong computer department nearby , Listen to him , There used to be a company
IBM The server hasn't been restarted for four years , It's so strong !

Its response speed is found in subsequent use , Very stable , One word is “ fast ”, Opening a new system on the client is like using a local application . And the power protection of the system is also very good . I just went to work the other morning , Brother Zhang told me , Listen to the property. It seems that there was a power failure last night . My first feeling is that I can't ,
IBM The server is running ( Just listen to the noise )! But then I use another normal file server PC
When I found out there was a power outage , ha-ha , So the server is down . Think of a blackout before , How to press after recovery IBM
The power on button of the server cannot be turned on , The power light keeps flashing , I thought it was bad . Only after this incident did we know ,IBM
The server of should have power protection , Test whether the power supply is stable after power failure , If the power supply is stable after a period of time, it will start automatically . This big guy is really good , No wonder the price is so high , Now it's worth it . ha-ha !

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