And then the last time , The training course is over . There are endless back questions every day , It's not a mindless back , Training companies still have methods , Now it seems that all the interview questions I recited at that time were used , I was also asked . Go back to the interview questions , At that time, it was printed and read every day , Everyday back .

If you don't understand, remember , Interview to build a plane , Screw in . The students in the class began to submit their resumes for interviews , The interview will be successful soon , Just started one , And more and more . I don't know why , Children's shoes that taste the fruits of victory , Not satisfied with the company they pass , I don't think the salary will be enough , Choose not to go . It's really pissed off the substitute teacher , Complaining in wechat group , Why not send for a resume interview , Why don't you go to work if the interview is successful ?

I'd like to have an interview, too , indecisive , I don't know what to do if I ask three questions at the interview site , I'm a little introverted , You can only continue to bury your head in the back .( Don't know what to say? , My character is to be open to all kinds of acquaintances , A little timid in front of strangers )
With the last dozen left , The company arranged another round of interviews with large companies , It seems to be from Hangzhou .
8 Personal telephone interview , It's about finance , And then I asked some frame questions . And then only I passed , Then I went to the company to take a written examination ...

I haven't heard from you for half a month , Can't wait , I'm going to interview myself , Met with several companies , It's a success , The treatment is really not good , And often work overtime , It's not here yet . I'm hesitant to go , Call home and let's go home , Think about it. I haven't been home for a long time , It's been a year , Home is not far away , You can get there in an afternoon by intercity bus , Go home first calm down .
Write it here , Leaders get out of the way for a meeting , After the epidemic , There is a large change in personnel after resumption of work , Daniel has left one after another , There are a few people left to die , Fewer people do not delay the new needs of the leadership , Start to sort out the work schedule for next month

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