<>css Increase element click range

Sometimes the page design button is small , Or because the area of the element is not suitable for placement , You can use the technique of strange sex (css) Increase the trigger range of click event .
For example, there is a button in the page
<text id="gl1" bindtap="{{lettering}}"></text>
css code :
#gl1{ text-align: center; width: 24rpx; height: 24rpx; position: absolute; top:
50%; left: 22rpx; border-left: 4rpx solid #FFFFFF; border-bottom: 4rpx solid #
FFFFFF; -webkit-transform: translate(0,-50%) rotate(-135deg); transform:
translate(0,-50%) rotate(45deg); } #gl1::before{ content:""; position:absolute;
top:-20rpx; left:-20rpx; bottom:-20rpx; right:-20rpx; }
css Pseudo classes in can increase the trigger range of element events , But it does not affect the arrangement of page elements , This is a practical trick of pseudo class

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