“ Programmers do 35 I can't !” This is IT A common saying in the industry .

Some say 30 year ; Some say 35 year ; Some say 40 year , To reach this age limit, we must adjust our direction to manage , product , Work in business and other positions , There are even entrepreneurs ,
I just can't write any more code .

It's said that programmers eat youth food , The reasons can be summed up in the following two points :

first , Rapid iteration of programming technology , New technologies emerge in endlessly ,
Various languages , Various frameworks , New technology theories are updated every year , And as programmers age , Learning ability is on the decline , As a result, it often fails to keep up with the industry's technological pace .
in addition , A lot of time will be occupied by household chores , Less time to learn new skills .

second , Output of work results ,
In other words, how much overtime . That's it , Old programmers really can't compete with the kids who just graduated . They are young, energetic and have no wife or children to look after , Say overtime, say all night , Eating, drinking, Lazarus and sleeping in the company are no problem , The most important thing is that people want less money .

Many say that programmers are a career without a future , No guarantee for the rest of life , There is no sense of security in this industry .

that , According to this statement , here we are 35 What should year old programmers do ?

In most software development services companies , There are two ways for programmers to grow . One is management post channel , One is the technical post channel .

Ready to leave management post , You can try to start with the project team leader , Take two or three helpers to develop a project or large module . Understand user needs , Project planning , Project Manager . When I have the experience of multiple project managers , Start managing multiple project groups at the same time , Can also have an understanding and method of project cost control , Know how to optimize the company's profits in the project , To the level of project director .

Ready to take the technical post , Or choose a technical direction , In depth learning and accumulation of practice . Or open your eyes when you work , Learn more about the use of new technologies in the industry you serve . One is to become an expert in a certain field , One is to become a relative full stack engineer .

of course , Now there is a third way —— do IT free man . Search on the Internet , Various outsourcing platforms are dazzling , However, it is not clear whether it is reliable or not . How to find a project , It's a big problem . Here I compare two famous platforms in the current market :

As a developer , It's very important to have a learning atmosphere and a communication circle. Here I recommend one C language C++ Communication group 583650410, No matter you are Xiaobai or a transferred person, welcome to settle in , Let's talk and grow together .

From the comparison, we can see that ,『 Free worker 』 Our service group is more professional , More humanized cooperation mode , And subvert the traditional outsourcing mode , Adopt the method of no price difference , The project cycle is also relatively long , To the greatest extent for freelancers .

But if you choose to be a free man , A lot of people have a problem : No insured units , Suspension or interruption of social security payment , So how to reserve pension money , Whether it is necessary to pay social security by yourself ?

according to 《 Social insurance law 》 The first 10 Article 2 Clause , Individual businesses without employees , The part-time employees and other flexible employees who do not participate in the basic endowment insurance in the employer may participate in the basic endowment insurance , Basic endowment insurance paid by individuals . The first 23 Article 2 There are similar provisions for medical insurance . The implementation of this more general national level regulation varies from place to place , Generally, it is required to pay in the place where the household registration is located . Generally, the only social security that you can pay is medical insurance and endowment insurance , Like other birth insurance , You can't pay unemployment insurance or anything .

『 Free worker 』 We can solve this problem , Free payment service , The fee will be paid according to the standard of human resources and Social Security Bureau in your area . Protect the elderly of freelancers .

okay , Three common directions for programmers are explained above . But I still want to ask a question here : Do we really understand the industry ? Or say , More outsiders are just watching the bustle . Many people say that programmer is a career without future , No sense of security .

As a developer , It's very important to have a learning atmosphere and a communication circle. Here I recommend one C language C++ Communication group 583650410, No matter you are Xiaobai or a transferred person, welcome to settle in , Let's talk and grow together .

As for the update speed of programming technology, it is too fast , Older programmers can't keep up with learning , This argument can't stand scrutiny . Programmers are also white-collar . Now high-end industry practitioners , Who doesn't need to grow and learn ?

Programmers know one thing : In the software development industry , Always algorithm first , Subbasic , Technology is the end . This is the hierarchical distribution of the programmer's practitioner pyramid . Put all your energy into learning the language , Programmers on the framework , It must be third rate in technology , That's when the age limit approaches , Programmers who are afraid of being eliminated by technology and look for other careers . It's true. Everyone knows it ,
Although the threshold of being a programmer is not high , That's relative , At least these people are not stupid , We can see through the essence of our industry .

Although programmers know that algorithm and foundation are the most important , But it's very boring to learn these two things . Technology is changing all the time , Since the invention of computers, algorithms and foundations , Basically nothing changed ,
This has explained the algorithm and foundation of learning well from the side , We can respond to all changes with invariability , It's all natural ,
On the other hand, technology is more important than algorithm, and the final result is that as we get older, we have to face the so-called mid life crisis of programmers .

in addition , Many people naively think 40 Programmers over the age of five must have changed careers .

This year is 2019 year ,1977 Programmers born in 2000 The programmers who took part in the work around , At that time , at home IT The industry is not that big at all ,
The number of programmers can't be compared with the present . therefore , no 40 Programmers over the age of , Actually 40 Too few programmers over the age of , Most young programmers don't have a chance .

Finally, I want to say , Like a thing , Young is not a problem . along with IT Continuous update and development of Technology , Programmers need to keep learning , Keep improving , Otherwise, it will be eliminated . After all , The old man can't stand the twists and turns of life !

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