1, quit
I 7.10 Resignation to China soft International .8.10 I'm not allowed to leave until the ( This is understandable ).

Because of normal resignation , I've been waiting for a month , Leave normally . They told me 8.20 Then I can get the resignation certificate ,

I think it's all normal , Since they chose to outsource to Huawei , We should follow the rules here .

Personally speaking , At this time, I am still grateful to China soft International . Because there's nothing particularly bad going on there .

2, blacklist
I have done two Huawei projects in China soft International , One project is the project manager , A team leader .

After leaving China soft International , Contacted Huawei's contact person , Huawei's contact person feels that I'm still responsible for my work , I hope I can continue to outsource Huawei , So a Huawei contact person recommended me to other Huawei outsourcing suppliers . As a result, another Huawei outsourcing supplier told me , I am in the last blacklist of Huawei outsourcing , Cannot enter outsourcing resource pool within two years .
I can't believe such a result !!!

Huawei outsourcing for only one year , I don't particularly dislike Huawei outsourcing , In fact, when we do it , I also hope I can help Huawei to make better products , And then resigned for personal reasons . Go through the normal resignation process , What is the last blacklist ( My ability can't be on that last blacklist ). It's a terrible feeling .

The latter one told me that the supplier in the last blacklist asked me , Didn't offend any leaders , Who is my superior , I didn't remember . And then I thought about it , One is Hu , I don't care much about him ( So I don't remember ), A Li belongs to Hu's superior , A couple of days . But I don't flatter much . Each has its own responsibilities , Just do your job well , The flatterer will lead to the manager's prestige , Make normal management not good .


Now I work in a new company , Made a belt 20 Project manager of small team with many people , The blacklist doesn't really affect my future , I got a better chance , But I still want to condemn China soft International , You're not up to standard , Your management is really good , Go to your China soft International .

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