For many graduates , Large demand of front-end development engineer industry , Good treatment , Unlimited threshold , Good policy , It has become the choice of employment development for many college students .

5G The time is coming , Unprecedented increase in user experience demand for products from all walks of life . People are enjoying the convenience brought by the Internet, which also puts forward new demands for Internet products , This means more challenges for front-end developers , And wages are rising fast .
More job opportunities for front-end development engineers , More opportunities for Entrepreneurship , And a wide range of employment , Almost every industry needs it , Internet companies , finance , Trade and so on .
And there is no threshold for the professional experience of the employees engaged in development , Low learning threshold , Almost many people can learn and work as front-end development engineers .
Facing various factors , Many college graduates , They are all on the road of transferring to front-end development engineers . But this road is not easy , If you don't make up your mind , It's better not to follow the trend blindly .

Electronics , Mechanics , Graphic Artist Designer ,UI It's not uncommon to design a front-end for a transition , Now a lot of people who are engaged in non internet industries have also turned to front-end development . however , On this unknown road , There are many other students who have been exploring their own way to develop the front-end of their career , Bump and bump .
  to the end , Which majors are more suitable for front-end development ? Which majors have a high success rate in front-end development ? What obstacles need to be overcome in front-end development ?
In the success of getting a large company front-end development engineer offer Of the non computer majors , Electronics , Mechanics ,UI Design accounts for the vast majority .
Just use the right method , Enough effort , Any major can successfully transform to a front-end development engineer !
Front end engineers are software engineers first , The foundation is the most important , What is the foundation of the front end ?
HTML,CSS,JavaScript basic skill , data structure , Basic skills of Compilation Principle .
Front end development is not a static web page writing position without technical content , Big bull at the front , Usually it can complete multi-directional products , Like an applet ,H5,APP Development, etc .
What qualities should you have to prepare for learning front-end development :

first : Like the front end , If the interface development of front-end development , Programming style can attract you , So congratulations , It's a perfect start . Make sure you like and fit the front end , Not for a job that looks decent and well paid .

second : Keep learning , days and months multiplying , Front end development engineer , Easy to enter , To become a great God, we need to keep accumulating ,5G Time comes , There will be many new concepts and knowledge , This needs to be based on the premise , Constantly accumulating new technologies , Keep your technology up to date .

third : Focus on Fundamentals , Avoid blindness . There are many front-end knowledge points , There are many things to learn , Smart people know how to spend time learning systematic knowledge and research deeply enough , Instead of blindly seeing what other people use to learn . Only stay in the stage of practical application , At the end of the day, the frameworks were eliminated one by one , You're still standing where you are .
fourth : Summarize , From understanding to creation . Make daily accumulation regular , It's good to log it to a blog , Notes are good . More understanding of classic cases , When you reach a certain level , It's easy .
Finally, to the people in front of zero base transfer 2 Suggestions :

The first 1: Need professional guidance , Don't expect to find a job on your own , It's very difficult now , If you don't have an understanding person to help you solve the problem , There will be many detours , It's easy to give up in the middle , Learning is not professional , The most important thing is to waste time .

The first 2: A good mentality and a persistent heart are very important , Many people want to learn front-end for high salary , But few can learn the last , Give up in case of difficulties , These people are everywhere , Because it's hard , That's why his reward is great , Let's judge the level of a front-end developer , It's how good he is at solving problems .

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