brief introduction :  They all have their own unique childhood .

Children's Day Eve , We asked a lot of questions such as Alipay programmers. :“ If time goes back , What do you want to say to you as a child ?”,“ What special gifts did you receive in your childhood ?”,“ Did you think about what you want to do when you grow up ?”……

There are many answers , The most impressive ones are “ Make yourself more cheerful , Talk more ”,“ I've been carrying red beans since I was four ”,“ My ancestral abacus is bigger than my head ”,“ I didn't go to cram school ”,“ make ‘ arms ’”……


At Alipay , There are people from 10 Write code from the age of .

It was the last century 80 Late S , The whole Changsha City can't find the age of programming teachers ,“ computer ” For ordinary people, it's a fresh product . Wang Yi, only ten years old ( Alipay research fellow ) But received an apple 2 As a prototype , It can be used BASIC Language programmed “ Chinese learning machine ”.

thereafter , Wang Yi is not allowed to receive . Summer vacation after junior high school , Wang Yi will use it “ Chinese learning machine ” Circuit board welded with itself , Put your old style “ Power card ” Double washing machine transformed into automatic washing machine , Still use Apple
BASIC Language and 6502 Assembly hybrid programming wrote the first game of life ; High school taught itself all the computer courses in the University , When taking the computer level test, I got it successively as if I were going through strange customs clearance “ programmer ”,“ Senior programmer ”,“ System Analyst ” authentication ……

For all that , In his childhood, Wang Yi's code writing was recognized by his classmates and teachers as “ be derelict in duty and run irrelevant business ” Of . Now he graduated from Tsinghua University , Later, he broke into Silicon Valley of the United States and many Internet giants in China ,2008 Obtained in “Google
APAC Innovation Award” title , And many AI Legend in the field .

This year is the first time in Wang Yi's code career 31 Years . After coming to Alipay , Wang yikaiyuan SQLFlow In just a few months , Already in GitHub More than 3000 stars . After that, the second open source project distributed deep learning system was newly developed within one year ElasticDL, It is mainly used to greatly improve the overall utilization rate of the cluster and the work efficiency of the deep learning team .

This is the story of Wang Yi, a researcher at Alipay. , spread far and wide .

So before he went to interview other Alipay programmers, , We also wonder if there will be many stars like Wang Yi knocking down the sky with code , A bit of a legend , Inspired from childhood , The story of pursuing dreams all the way .

But it didn't .

Back to June when I was a child , Many people carry snacks in that bag , Always write in composition “ The red scarf on the chest is more colorful ” The youth of . Although everyone's childhood memories are different , But there are always memories that give color to the times , Like a cassette , Video Game Room , Jay Chou ……

We also received photos of several interviewees when they were young , I can't help feeling when I see those blurred low pixel photos : Think of that year , A young man of high spirits , Hair and red scarf in the air , Don't worry about the volume ……

Wang Fudong : Alipay Algorithm Engineer

“ When I was a kid, it was wonderful ”

“ What I wanted to do when I was a kid was a scientist .”

“ When I was very young, I received my grandfather's extra large decimal abacus , In primary school, the teacher asked to use an abacus 1 reach 100 Add up , I'll take this abacus bigger than my head to class , Very heavy ……”

“ When I was four years old, I began to carry red beans to the south , I prefer to write poems , I wrote a novel for a while .”

“ When I was a kid, it was wonderful . In spring, the snow has melted, the seeds have been planted and cultivated , Weeding plants are green in summer , The crops in the field turn yellow in autumn . Pile up after harvest , Three or five kids are playing around . I'm lying on a cornpile , A nap in the middle of the day blowing the mountain wind , Watch the sky full of stars at night . When the crops sell at a good price , It's winter , Kill a pig to celebrate the new year . The wild duck steps out a mark in the snow , Children follow the signs and run after them , I'm tired of chasing , Just lying in the snow , Press out one by one ‘ large ’ word , Usually play crazy forget to eat , You have to ask the family to come back .”

“ This is the kind of life I've had for generations , I used to think I would live my life like this .”

“ Back to the old words , I want to say to myself when I was a kid, don't let me go to the barber shop Tony It's thin , Because you don't have much hair in the future .”

Wei Bingran : Alipay Senior Development Engineer

Learn to do without a teacher PPT animation

“ When I was little, I didn't have the concept of a programmer , But when I first got in touch ‘ hacker ’ The concept of , I thought about being a hacker .”

“ In grade one or two , I bought a computer at home , I found that the icon of the start menu can be dragged to the desktop to form an icon , So I dragged the icon for two days , Drag out a few screen icons , I broke my computer card ……”

“ In the fifth grade, I learned to do without a teacher PPT animation , My mother's lecture PPT I did all the animation .”

“ Mine sweeping is also very good .”

“ If I go back to my childhood, I still think ‘ study hard ’ bar , Learn programming early, then the code qualification will be deeper .”

Wang Wei : Alipay operations specialist

Let it be

“ When I was a kid, I lived at the foot of the mountain , That's the edge of town , The position of leaning against the mountain , There is a stream ahead , Behind is the mountain , The main recreational activity is to catch small animals , insect , Roasted sweet potatoes ……”

“ I don't have any idols in my career , Fantasized about being a university professor , At that time, I adored Jay Chou .”

“ The first time I got in touch with the computer was in the Internet bar , Later, I used lucky money to play , After going to university, I also found that computer major was more interesting .”

“ What I regret is the rebellious period , If you go back to the past and want to talk to that kid, don't make your mother angry .”

Wang Jun : Alipay Senior Development Engineer

From Xiaomei to large series

“ I never thought of being a programmer when I was a kid , I wanted to be an architect and design a beautiful house , Life is amazing .”

“ Computer from Mom , Maybe it's the first contact with computers in childhood , When I was a student, I still used a calculator to calculate the least square method , Later use Matlab Conduct numerical analysis , Um. , Real fragrance ~”

“ I'll tell myself when I was a kid ‘ Multiple jumps , Maybe not so short ’, Seriously —— Little sister , I have some martial arts scripts here ,《 data structure 》《 Introduction to algorithm 》《Java Programming ideas 》 Do you want to know ?”

Chen Zhenhua : Alipay senior user experience specialist

Growth of cross-border players

“ I wanted to be a scientist when I was young , When I was a junior high school fan, Bruce Lee wanted to be a martial arts actor , I wanted to be a singer when I was in high school , Because I am infatuated with Andy Lau , I want to be a socialist when I get to College
, Because I found that I was good at communicating with people , I also like to make friends ……”

“ Once my mother accidentally led me astray into the game hall , And then I got addicted . Until the trouble —— My mother took me to relatives' house , Relatives gave 50 yuan in red envelopes , I secretly took fifty yuan to the game hall , It cost a dollar that day , But the rest of the money was stolen . Since then , My mother won't take me to the game hall anymore ……”

“ I learned martial arts when I was a child , I like it very much ‘ Making weapons ’, It took two weeks to make a pair of wooden nunchakus , And used branches as springs ……”

“ This picture is the only one that can prove that I have practiced martial arts ……”

“ When walking in front , Always want to say something less detour to the past self , But in fact, I still stumbled forward .”

Zhao Songzhou : Alipay senior creative designer

From Xiaoshuai to large series

“ I liked it very much at that time 《 Cucurbit 》, I think it's just a sticker with a cucurbit on the bag , So I'll copy it 《 Cucurbit 》 Characters in cartoons , It was also later that I liked painting , Why become a designer .”

“ I used to play games in the game hall with my parents behind my back , I'll be on the board when I get back ……”

“ I didn't learn well when I was a child , So I feel inferior , Relatively introverted , If I could say something to myself as a child , I will say to myself at that time that I can be more confident , Be cheerful .”

“ But something to learn , I feel like I'm late , Maybe not very good at it , You don't have to force yourself .”

Yu Yihui : Alipay creative designer

When I was a child, my father arranged the farm activities clearly

“ No children's Day , I haven't received any special gifts . Children's Day is basically lying at home ‘ too ’, This year's 61 is probably the same ……”

“ But I never went to a cram school when I was a kid . Everyone else is learning the piano , Learn to draw , When I was in Aoshu class , My dad changed his mind to take me to play almost every week , Take me to dig sweet potatoes in the countryside , Lobster fishing ……”

“ I've won awards in some composition competitions before , I feel lucky every time , When I was in the middle school, my luck broke out 696 branch .”

“ Because parents are teachers , So I was disciplined more severely . If we go back to childhood , I want to tell myself not to be so obedient .”

If time goes back , What can I do ?

It's a code you want but don't have

Or the books you want to read but don't


You want to stay , Hair that I can't keep now


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