Now many girls don't know what to learn , I don't know what I'm suitable to learn , Most people think that girls are only suitable for Design Majors , Relax and sit in the Office . It's true , But design is not the only choice , Not all girls like design ,2019 What is suitable for girls ? learn Java How about software development ?


   What is suitable for girls ?


   In fact, girls should learn a good major , Come out to find a job and have a good future , It's not just design , Besides, the current development trend , Design is not a perfect profession , It's not so easy to find a job . In fact, the editor thinks that girls can learn software development , Not only a promising career, but also a highly paid one . Work on a big scale is envied by friends , Salary can also satisfy girls' shopping desire , Enough to support normal expenses and savings , Soon to be a little rich woman .


   Girl studies Java Is software development suitable ? What are the advantages ?


   Software development of girls' learning , fit ! In fact, many conditions for girls are very suitable for learning software development , In character , Girls have a certain advantage , Girls are more careful , exquisite . Not careless in solving some problems . Boys are different , Carelessness and carelessness often cause problems in details , contrary , The girl's carefulness just makes up for this .


   Girl studies Java The future of software development


   Many women in technology development positions have excellent logical skills , Even more than many men . Some companies say ,“ Girls' logical ability is also very strong . Because we need to do data analysis , Do user research and research , This requires a high level of logic capability ”, Tencent QQ Liu Ling, director of product operation, is a typical IT female , After graduation, she entered Tencent , There are also technical development posts 10 Years of experience .2018 What is suitable for girls ? learn Java software development .


   Girl studies Java Suggestions for software development


   Going in IT Women who are uncertain about their profession : Most girls don't learn software development , Or fear of software development , It's not that girls are not suitable for software development , It's a lot of girls who listen to what people say , Girls are not suitable for software development, and they come from programmers “ From black ” behavior , Make girl students hold back from learning software development . As long as you are interested in software development , Be confident in yourself , Plus good training schools , Like a power node. Okay IT training school , You can make your own way in the software development industry , Other people's words will not be broken .



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