When people make maps or sand tables based on mountains and rivers , It is inevitable to abstract the object , Prerequisites for inclusion , Such as contour lines , Scale, etc . However, the deep channel jet cannot be observed , Sawdust for making sand table , Limit of mastic material , It always makes models that map to another level less realistic . At this time, it is wise to examine carefully , Mark them as carefully as possible , However, some sand table makers have to blame the mountains and rivers . I think some economists are doing this .

Dan Ariely
I am not “ Rational economic man - Fundamentalist ”, He admitted “ irrational ” It's normal and reasonable , use “ go crazy ” To describe , It's just amazing , It's just making books sell well . But he simply put “ Irrationally ( investment ) policy decision ” Show it , with “ decoy effect ” Psychological activities , I feel crude .

There can be at least two extensions :

first , People's buying behavior , It's not just about buying goods , It's also buying security , Sense of honor , Promotion of social status , It is the comprehensive benefit maximization of many gains , Moreover, it is the behavior of maximizing interests based on the buyer's own reality . Economic stupidity , For a moment of good mood , This little trick , unwanted top10
Business School MBA curriculum , Every advertiser , Salesman's induction training will learn .

What's more interesting is that , I'm sorry Dan They didn't play on it , It's the decision makers themselves who are “ Rational economic man ” The reaction of . The so-called economic man , Namely supposed
People who make decisions based on the amount of individual total assets , In modern society , People have to get into this role , Be economical in daily life , many littles make a mickle . But who told you , I'm going to buy a chocolate , Think about bank accounts again ? No , I don't want to think about my poor bank account numbers , I refuse to think about it , even to the extent that , I look for opportunities to refuse to consider . For individuals who do not have absolute financial freedom , he / She will have a passive and active attitude to not become “ Rational economic man ”. That's exactly the impulse , Make him / She goes into simple judgment, which is called “ Psychological anchoring ” Of scenario, Among them , In a strong information asymmetry ( purchaser ) a party , In fact, there are two presuppositions :“ Must buy ”,“ Do not seek other information from the outside world to help decision-making ”.

I call this the consumer / Investor's “ Self madness ”. of course , There are many other factors involved , For example, self beautification , Speculative psychology , The biggest ingredient :“ I don't want to ”( No economic rational thinking ).

Zen has a story to tell : Woodcutter falls off the cliff , Climbing on the wall , There are tigers on it , See the snake below , There are mice chirping , Rattan nearly broken , All of a sudden , Red fruit is like jade , His face is bright and bright , His quality is gentle , Hard with words , This taste is unparalleled in the world . The woodcutter , That's it “ Self madness ” Consumers of , He didn't drive the tiger and kill the snake rationally , Climb down , That's more difficult , It's a simple judgment , Eat the fruit . As I said above , A woodcutter is a real mountain and river , In the economic system “ agent ” It's a pile of mud on the sand table , When the two do not match , Mountains and rivers, yes , It's mud .

From the story of the woodcutter , We can even get a third extension , That is, consumers in financial weakness , Will be more proactive “ Self madness ”, Enter the scene of irrational judgment . This requires some more careful experimental design to prove it , For example, ugly women should be more likely to make designer oriented decisions in the experiments of breitpeter and Clooney , Because she's subconsciously more inclined to get the chance ; A very wealthy family , On the contrary, it is not easy to buy paper plus network version 《Economist》; People who know red wine better ,15 It's a bottle 15 One bottle , People who can't afford expensive red wine , It's easier to price according to the last number of driver's license ...
These experiments ,Dan Didn't do it , Maybe he did it and didn't publish it , Because politics doesn't seem so right . It is estimated that he is not good enough , I didn't expect that :)

But I have a better example to prove this inference , I observed that when the stock market down channel formed , Someone who has some assets trapped , They prefer to look for relative advantages in the stock market
( oversold , Bounce back ) To buy more shares , And ignore the obvious downward trend of the whole market . The higher the proportion of assets, the higher the proportion of assets , You can buy it at a lower price -- The more obvious the tendency to have to buy . contrary , Investors in time and space positions falling , It's easy to keep empty all the way / Low position until market reversal .

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