It is necessary to read this article 6 minute .

I wonder if I work hard like a scalper , Others get a raise, a promotion or something else ?

Do you worry about doing it again and again everyday , Only see twists and turns now do not see a better future ?

Are you confused about your daily work , Finally, it's hard to escape the company's optimized list ?

Most procedural apes around ( Yuan ), Have experienced or will face similar distress .

By sharing the real stories of the farmers around us , Help us to solve the mystery , See the way ahead , Find the soul of programmers , And then work happily , Live happily !


Cheng xuape ( Yuan ), To be able to carry things .

Colleague stone is 1987 Born in , Working on programming 10 More than years , We fight fast in a trench 5 Years old .

5 Year period , For stone , Except for the process of marriage and childbirth , But I didn't get any development in my work , Colleagues who joined at the same time , Rank has been changing , And he didn't change .

Why ?

The working state of stone every day , It's like a computer , Complete without soul I/O( input / output )
. Every day is simply waiting for instructions to assign tasks , Once you receive the task order , Just try to finish it like a scalper ; If you don't receive a mission instruction , Just wait foolishly , And never
Take the initiative to communicate , Try to take more responsibility .

5 Year period , And gave the stone a chance . Due to business needs , I'm going to take charge of the new business line , So I put the key projects in charge , Let the stone take the brothers to pick it .

Because of the way stones work , Just waiting to receive the task instructions , Never think deeply , Let alone the work plan . And one of the boys , verbalized , Communicate , Technology is not as good as stone , But the project is very smooth , Finally, the stone was properly replaced by this little brother .

Real Trivia , I would like to share the following two points for you .

first : Do a good job , Think more .

For the primates ( Yuan ) for , I / O that's for sure . as time goes on , If we can integrate soul thinking into input and output , Will the delivery result be different ?

second : Practice communication , A lot of work .

For procedural apes ( Yuan ) for , If communication ability is short board , Then learn to communicate , avoid : Boiled dumplings in a kettle —— I can't say it .

Soldiers who don't want to be generals , Not a good soldier . On the premise of being a good soldier , Take the initiative to take responsibility , Try to be busy . If you can resist everything , Leaders will think of you in their mind .


Cheng xuape ( Yuan ), Jump out of comfort zone in real time .

Colleague Shan Shi 1990 Born in , Programming is not enough 10 year .

A comparative study on the attitude of mountain and stone work , It's like being a monk and banging a clock . Over the years , life , The job hasn't changed much , The only change is age .

For rocks , If you have a task assignment, do it , If there is no assignment , He's like a deer bumping around , Never plan what you want to learn , And more is the tiktok. , Team up to eat black chicken ......

Rocks are used to this way of working , Like to stay in your comfort zone .

In order to ensure the healthy development of the company , The company should optimize the employees who do not meet the needs of enterprise development , it is as expected , Shanshi is in the range of this optimization list .

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