It's been a year since I knew it , I only visited frequently in the year after I changed my career csdn, It seems to be a reflection on one's original career , I have been engaged in software development for four years , Later, a man returned to his hometown and took the civil service exam with a try attitude , Gradually separated from the life of programmers , During the year , Talk about how I feel , I'm proud that I've developed , I've been a so-called programmer , I've worked late almost every night , Sometimes working all night , Sometimes it's because of its own program bug, After being criticized by the tester , Guilt in my heart . When I first started this career, I was full of passion , But then I was working overtime every day , Stressed developers are driven out of steam , My only thought at that time was to change my career , To reach out to more unknown areas . I think if I had insisted more in the unit , Maybe my life will not change . The current job has changed from that of previous years , I feel my work ability is very high , But it doesn't seem to show , Still have ideal and ambition , But there's more tolerance and affinity . These three years give me the biggest change , I think it's thinking , He made me think more specifically , More steps . however , This idealism tends to be perfect , It seems that there will be some gaps in work . I hope to keep my strong experience . I will remind myself from time to time , In time, there is a gap between the current work and the ideal state , But I still have dreams for the future , I just want to say to myself , come on. , Don't doubt .

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