About layoffs , Yu Yin, a professional, once wrote about coping styles :

After layoffs , It must be the joy and sorrow of several families , But the sun will still rise , Whether it's those who stay “ lucky dog ” It's still cut “ Hapless egg ” All need to face the future work and life . that , How to face the future ?

- Laid off : If you are cut because of business structure or strategic adjustment , Is it good for you , Performance is irrelevant , therefore , You can't torture yourself with corporate mistakes , The most effective way is to :

1. And HR Discuss with other senior management of the company “ How to get better unemployment compensation ”, Or ask the company to pay for your job counseling , To help you find the right job as soon as possible .

2. Make the most of this sudden time , With family , Old colleagues travel together or take some short-term courses , To adjust their mentality , Overcome abandoned negative emotions .

3. Make full use of the opportunity of downsizing , Move to target company or competitor company , Especially those employees who were forbidden to compete or bound by training contracts .

- survivor
: Different from most people's cognition , Psychologists have found : The psychological condition of the laid off employees is generally better than the experience “ Layoff storm “ Survivors of , therefore , In order to dispel the psychological haze of survivors, many enterprises , External consultants will be hired to help employees as soon as possible , Out of the negative mood of anxiety . besides , And the advice we have to give you is :

Maybe you're a lucky man , Opportunity to stay and work , But you still need to evaluate it : It's better to stay and develop , It's better to leave ? Chen Yanyuan is the personnel manager of a high-tech company , She's a company 2007 Drafter of economic layoff plan in , It's also one of the laid off employees ; Maybe you think HR The Department should be the survivor of the layoff storm , Why is Chen Yan an exception ? you bet , Chen Yan gets the priority to stay and work , But she found out : After layoff ,HR The work function of the Department is more inclined to the executive and operational level , And most of the work can be outsourced to human resources service companies , therefore , Her future work will be much simpler , This is not only not conducive to her development to a higher level of management , And it hinders the development of its employees …… After comprehensive consideration , Chen Yan resolutely put forward the request of being actively cut , result , She not only got the ideal financial compensation , Also found suitable job opportunities for their own interests and development .

Lucy And a layoff survivor , But she found out : Twice as much work as before , She had to take on part of the work of her former colleagues , to this end , She felt dissatisfied and confused …… We have a chance to be Lucy Professional coach of , And helped her analyze the specific content of the new job , And the relevance of these jobs to her current and future skills development , final ,Lucy awake to : She can decide whether to accept or not , And the basis of acceptance is —— Whether these jobs help her to accumulate skills and experience related to future development !

Different from the experience of the first two women ,Ricky After layoff, he was incorporated into the marketing department of the headquarters , But he found that no matter how hard he tried, he could not integrate into the new department , Or your own English accent , Difficult to communicate smoothly with British superiors ; Or from Chengdu to Shanghai , Accustomed to considering the general problems of the national market from the perspective of the region , Make colleagues feel that his vision is narrow …… in short , Working for a while , More and more he felt that he should not stay , Not to mention Shanghai !

It's not uncommon , Some people initially felt lucky to stay , But it soon turned out that it was a mistake to stay , So he offered to leave after the layoff , Finally, it's lost with economic compensation !

tell the truth , Except for those achievements , People with work attitude problems , Layoffs are beyond our control , The only thing we can do is : Face and accept the reality !( finish )

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