In fact, the great God programmers are not only those who subvert the world technology by their own power , What we are talking about is actually “ Manon ” Differences with programmers .

<> Programmers are divided into three phases :

stay IT The era of technology expansion , Coding works like a printer , The threshold is getting lower and lower . A large number of new troops are pouring in , But it turns out that if you change your salary into an hour's salary , Maybe not as high as other industries .

Many people think that coding is a programmer , In fact, it's not .

Programmers have three words in English :Coder,Programmer and Software Engineer, It describes the three stages of the programmer vividly .

**Coder( Tell me how ):** Only requires proficiency in the programming environment , Proficient in several programming languages , Development framework and development library , Good at writing code . At this stage, the programmer can complete the coding according to the established design .

**Programmer( I know how ):** Request on coder Based on , Proficient in design mode , Algorithm implementation and coding skills , And have the ability of skilled application , Members in this stage can code independently to solve practical problems .

Engineer:( I know why ):** Under the premise of mastering business knowledge , Understand why , In comprehensive consideration of architecture implementation , After weighing development costs , Put forward the best solution for solving business problems , And be able to communicate with business personnel smoothly , Let business people understand the solution . The coding work has reached this stage , To be a real programmer , To realize the transformation from work to occupation .

And most of the time, the gap is in the first stage .

After you get started programming :

A: become coder Kakasi (baidu+google+ctrl+c+ctrl+v) With the talent attribute that everyone can open five to five , The workplace began to dominate . Engage in projects , Bring new people , Entrepreneurship , Pull investment , Make more money in a limited time . As soon as you drive yourself to learn, you will feel dizzy , Too tired recently .

B: Into a great factory , Getting started is a billion user level project , Even if I'm just a little nut . But the experience of massive data users , And I've benefited a lot , Start to realize their own shortcomings . Maintain a lifelong learning attitude towards technology .

The process of precipitation is lonely , But also the fastest growing . And just with the three axes of beginners coder, In the end, I can only feel confused about the future .

A year or two later ,A Still searching for new job opportunities , The salary is also unsatisfactory , I have 18 kinds of martial arts , But no one understands , It's also a variety of problems . Old technology is rampant , New technology doesn't .

and B What about ?

After several years of technical precipitation , From Xiaobai to the great God programmer .

In the process of growing up, I also share experiences with new students , Good reputation in the industry .

Years of experience in large factories , The spread of technology in performance , Excellent entrepreneurial team , technology invested as capital stock .

The most important thing is to keep the idea of lifelong learning .

Write at the end :
1. Don't be obsessed with being satisfied with current good pay . Maybe next year won't belong to you .
2. Don't say you are lucky to meet a good project , Because good projects are also written by people .
3. Don't know it, but don't know why , Or you'll always be one “ Kakasi ”
4. Don't feel busy . There are many people who are busier than you , This is not a reason for laziness .
5. Develop the habit of learning , Every day, even half an hour / an hour , Every day , There will be great progress in a year .
6. Don't refuse to communicate , For technology , Confused career planning , Without the guidance of my predecessors , You can add more communication groups to communicate .

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