Time sometimes doesn't go all the way , It will also tell you , There were moments in your life that would freeze in your mind , Never forget .
occasionally , I was thinking , If I hadn't read the first one two years ago today C What would language books look like now ? It's hard to answer , Maybe now it's like before the college entrance examination . But it's always a hypothesis , I'm afraid to imagine , I'm lucky , I know what I want to do at such a beautiful age , Know what your dream is .
    Soon another year passed , People sum up the new year , Then I have to sum up at this great time , I like to call it a great moment .

Most let me “ Entanglement ” About
A short year , Seems to have done a lot of things , Got the first computer certificate in life , I learned the first one in my life PHP Template , Made the first one in life Web Application project , Developed the first Android application , Wrote the first technology blog in my life , Facing the first application in life , There are too many experiences to sum up one by one , But there's a lot of pain in these experiences, and it's hard to find information for days , There is also the joy and shock of suddenly debugging and running successfully , A sense of achievement that excites and drives all mental effort , The feeling of learning programming always seems to be so tangled , Struggling with debugging just for the moment of success , A knotty dilemma in learning new technology , What kind of technology should we use , Wondering how to make my code more dazzling , Yes , I like to say "dazzle" to my friends .

The most exciting new technology
    It's been a year of exposure to a lot of new technology , But new technologies emerge in endlessly , I'm talking about technologies that excite me , among HTML5,jQuery
Mobile,PhoneGap I like it best , The main reason is that even if I don't Java, can't Obj-c, You can do the same Android application ,iphone Applications and even Wp application , This cross platform and open source technology is really enjoyable and exciting !

Experiences that you and I will benefit from

    1, You do it every day ?
      Some students seem to really like programming , But the heart is erratic ,
  I'm still yelling at you to answer him every day , I think this is the most boring , When learning anything , It's hard to learn, let alone master, when you're not sure . Programming is the same , I think if I don't spend four or five hours a day learning programming , Or you can't sleep if you have a problem , I advise you to give up , Writing code is a challenging and creative job , It's also very close to real life , If you don't even have that enthusiasm , It's not going to last , A lot of people asked me , You do it every day , I said yes , Or how come I've been here for two years
Just one thing ?
    2, Some good techniques don't have to be learned now , It needs a good time to motivate you to learn

     For learning new technology , I always keep a steady strategy , Of course, new technology always excites you , You may have something to think about and you will learn , In fact that was not the case. , There are technologies that you may never be able to use and learn from. That's the problem , For example, I like it very much memcache, It is good for improving the performance of the website , But my user traffic is not high at all. I'm a little overqualified when I use it , Of course, if one day you want to go to Baidu ( China has the largest flow ) work , And the job is to maintain the performance of the website , Maybe this is when you understand memcache The best time
    3, Learned != Can use

     Don't abuse new technology , I've made such a mistake , In the development of the eternal coeducation project , I hope to make a beautiful menu , So I used jQuery Of load Function to load different pages , Page out of sync error occurred , This is something I didn't expect ! Don't think you need to use it in a regular project if you learn , Learning doesn't mean you can use it , This is actually connected with other knowledge learning .
    4, Remember I asked you to , Not like that
When developing a project , If you're not leader, Listen to what the project manager wants you to do , Not what you want to do , This is the most frequent problem , And it's very tricky . It's hard to achieve the effect , If you say you don't pay him, there seems to be no reason for criticism . If you are the one who can't criticize , So you're not a good person to work with , You're not the one who wants to make a great product .


    In fact, there are too many things to sum up , In a word , What kind of person are you , What kind of code would you write .

    Finally, I just want to say thank you to some people
    1, Thanks to my dad and my family , Thank them for their support , Encourage me to do what I like .
2, Thank you, Mr. Xin Shiguang , I think you are the most important Bole in my life , Thank you for letting me do it , Although I didn't have any project experience at that time , But through this project, I really grew up . Thank him for providing us with excellent conditions , Often buy US Food , And invite us to drink , And my favorite eggplant . The clearest thing in my memory , Look for medicine on the days when I had a cold last summer , And the other day when I had a cold, I found medicine and boiled water , Thank you, Lao Xin
    3, Thank you guys , Thank you to our partners , Too much too much , We need to fight together , When you say nothing at all .

Looking back on a year, I feel a little emotional , Although it's past , But a lot of memories left to people will have their natural attribution , The days I remember , Give me unforgettable memories . But I want to let go of the burden of the previous two years , I'm still the one who knows nothing about programming , Just want to face the next year with nothing , Because the next year is more important to me !
     I am an ordinary person , But want to do something extraordinary , That's it .
    next year , This time , bye .

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