Jobs passed away last year , Not very old , In a few days , He's almost deified , It's been going on for more than half a year , So a lot of people are calling for it “ Changing the world ”, Make something a little or have a little idea that almost everyone can think of “ Change the world ” Start a business , Making products , What a big bubble! ... Not to mention that this is due to excessive fanaticism led to a kind of loss , I'll pour some cold water on it , Except for military conquest and natural disasters , Nothing can change the world ! The so-called change the world is just a word Jobs said , Just as every great or famous person will leave some words , That's what jobs left behind . That's it , If you believe “ Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent diligence ” This nonsense , Then either your brain is washed out , Or there's a real problem , The same is true ,“ Changing the world ” It's not truth , It's just a sentence !
The first missionary arrived in China , How many so-called oracles have been brought , What has changed , But for the military conquest , We're still king, son and father , Even if the military conquest is over , Now how many people dare to say that they have no shadow of the old era ? The ice age changed the world , Alexander the Great's conquest changed most of the world at that time , Eastern Mediterranean only , Near East , Middle East , The western line of South Asia , You think the Hellenistic era and iPhone/iPad... comparison , Who is more important . If jobs changed the world , Ma Huateng changed the world ... Each of us is changing the world .
After jobs returned to Apple , Apple's trademark and Apple's products are just as crazy to march into all fields , There's no denying it's a success , But it is also limited to the success of commercial imperialism , It doesn't make a fundamental difference to most people's lives , According to this definition and standard , I think Bill . Gates has changed the world more appropriately , After all, many people are now inseparable from Microsoft ... If jobs changed the world , Wait until a large number of people buy the pre installed genuine Windows The computer of the system ran to the apple store to pick up the money MAC
OS Let's talk about it later .
    There is no God in this world , People are said a lot , The man became a God ...

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