I got a phone interview from Ali today , When I received it, my father just arrived in Nanjing . When I first got the call, it sounded like an interview , I'm still muttering , I'm going to Hangzhou without a phone interview ? Later I knew it was a phone interview , It's three o'clock .

    Get a call at three o'clock on time , This is admirable . The interview content of the telephone mainly includes :

* Generic erasure
* mina and netty Where to use and similarities and differences ,nio
* It's on the resume elasticsearch, Just ask lucene What is inverted index , What is the process of indexing .
* Threads asked some lock related questions , mutex ,blockqueue
* System connection in progress closewait What is the cause
    When it comes to what I want to ask , Know that the interviewer's department does index statistics , Using thrift Synchronize the data of each product line to the system , use hbase Do data analysis .

    The phone interview took about half an hour , I'm nervous , Secondly, the knowledge structure tends to be large and comprehensive , But they're not good at it . therefore , Failure is inevitable .


    Think about a question after the interview , What the hell am I going to do , Most of the questions asked are details , You don't have to know everything . What you want is a way of learning new things .

    Analyze the causes of the current situation :

* In today's departments, individuals are required to develop in an all-round way , It's better to pack it all by yourself
* Personal laziness leads to , I can use these things almost , When we need to use it later , I'll study hard , But when it's really used , Limited energy , Nothing can be done well .
The ability of department personnel is uneven , I always feel that others are much weaker than myself . All want to carry it alone , I don't know that people's energy and ability are limited , It's better to choose a point for breakthrough . It's like writing test cases and code view equally , Need to be persistent , Constant correction .
    That's all , Thinking what is missing and what is missing , What to exercise, what to learn .

    Say goodbye to big and embrace small and refined . Rub hands , Fight again next year ...

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