OK, Website approval , The environment has been set up , It's time to write a website .

When the website is completed , We can start uploading .

Zero , preparation

Write and test a good website , Built server

One , hit war package

with idea take as an example :

click File→Project Structure→Artifacts, get into Artifacts Setting interface :

We need to make sure we have our project name here :war A setting of format , Generally, there are new projects , If you can't get through the “+” Number , Then select “Web
Application:archive“, Then select build war Package directory .

After setting up here , click ”OK“ Save the settings and return to the programming interface .

choice build→Build Artifacts, The main interface appears as follows :

single click ”Build“,idea Will fight for us war It's packed .

After completion ,war The package will appear in our configured directory , If it is the default directory , So our war The package will be in the project directory →target Under folder :

Two , Upload to alicloud server

open Xftp6, Then the war Package copied to server's webapps lower :

Packaging of websites , Upload is done , Finally, we need to set up the server , because tomcat Project use under 8080 Port for access , Input every time 8080 Obviously not conducive to user access , See the next breakdown for specific settings . 



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