A new virus is using a surprising new strategy to make the unfortunate infected users sleep and eat uneasily . This is called
Kenzero The virus of is spread from Japan , It is still in the early stage of communication . This virus infects people who have about 2 100 million users Winni Users of file sharing service .
When Winni When users use this website to download pirated adult games , their PC Will be
Kenzero viral infection . This virus will copy the user's browsing history and publish it on the Internet , Let the public see .Kenzero Virus in Winni Fake standard on the website
Game installer , Deceiving the victim .

To be sure , Any download is illegal “ metamorphosis ” People don't want their browsing history to be made public , Because this game has extreme pictures of sexual activity ( This kind of picture is illegal in the United States ).

After being infected by the virus and the history of Internet browsing is exposed , Victims will be asked for ransom . Users infected with the virus will see a pop-up notification or email , Require users to pay a small fee ( about 16 dollar ) so that “ Settle your copyright infringement ”. according to BBC report , There are similar extortion attacks against European users , Require users to pay up to 400 Cost in US dollars , In order to reach a pre-trial settlement .

This is a new way to attack users , Illegal extortion by fake law enforcement agencies . When network users are more and more advanced and aware of common malware attacks , Liars have to take extreme measures to get money from the victims .

however , This kind of attack is basically the same as other attacks . Anti virus software should be able to remove this virus , Because this kind of attack is not more advanced than other attacks in design .

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