stay 5·15 meet OFFER
In the online live recruitment activity of realizing your dream of Dachang , near 20 Enterprises come CSDN【 meet OFFER】 Live recruitment column , Among them, the Alibaba cloud team sent 9 Experts , And famous programmers encourage teachers to meet Miss Bai , Platform for our company , To recruit talents from all over the world .

A hearty live broadcast made the audience enjoy it , Many partners in the studio said that if there were any live recruitment , I must have my resume ready , Oath and technology Leader Hard touch hard , Satisfied OFFER!

This time, we welcome Alibaba cloud recruitment !6 month 4 Number 12:00-17:00, Alibaba cloud sends out again 8 Departments 16 Technical experts come to the platform for recruitment , At the same time, our lovely programmers encourage teachers to meet Miss Bai , At the same time, she is also an operation expert of Ali .

This recruitment activity , Whether you plan to work in Alibaba cloud or not , Just listening 16 Free sharing of application prospect and development trend of today's technology by technical experts , Alibaba cloud team's current business status and experience in software development , It's all worth it .

The most difficult thing in program life is to get the on-demand broadcast of famous teachers and experts , It may benefit a lot in one sentence .

And if you have plans to work in Alibaba team , that 6 month 4 There must be something you need in this job , Cloud network technology expert , Ecological operation expert ,C++ technician ,IoT- Front end technologist , big data ,ECS Senior Product Specialist , Architects wait for nearly a hundred seats for you to choose , Hangzhou , Shanghai , Beijing and other places of work . Even the United States .

If you are eager to work in a large factory , If you are confused about your future career development , If you're a new graduate with excellent skills , If you want to interact with experts or even work together , that 【6.4 meet OFFER】 This one 【 Alibaba cloud recruitment 】 You can't miss it .

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