We vue Scaffolds provide graphical interface operation items , It's simpler than the command operation before , Let me summarize the basic steps of creating a project with graphical interface

1, First, ensure global installation @vue/cli tool , No self Download
cnpm i @vue/cli -g
2, Recommended download yarn Package manager
cnpm i yarn -g
3, Then we can create projects on our own computers , Find a location on your computer , Press and hold in this folder shift Right click at the same time , Open here cmd Command window or open here powershell window

4, Run after opening window vue ui command , It opens ui Graphic interface

5, After we choose to create, we will enter the create page

6, Click here to create a new project , Will enter the project details , In the details , First fill in the name of the project , Then the package manager selects yarn, Fill in the initial meeting git Default comment

7, After filling in the above , Click Next , Will go to select default configuration or manual configuration , And select the previous preset , We choose manual configuration

8, Continue to click next after selection , Select function , Here are all the features , We can choose first babel,router,Linter, Use profile , General development css Pretreatment ,vuex It must be installed

babel (js High to low )

TypeScript (js super )

Progressive Web App (PWA) Support ( Progressive web application )

Router( route )

Vuex( State management tools )

CSS Pre-processors(css Pretreatment )

Linter / Formatter( Grammar check )

Unit Testing,E2E Testing( Test method )

Use profile ( Configuration item is a separate configuration file )

9, After the above selection , Continue to click next to enter configuration options , The first one here is Enable routing history pattern , We don't turn on adoption hash pattern ,eslint use
ESLint + Standard config ,Pick additional lint features Select Default on

10, After selection , Click to create project , Whether to save as default will pop up , Next direct use , You can save a preset name , Then click Save preset and create project The creation is completed

11, After creation, you will enter the project operation interface

plug-in unit ( The plug-ins used in the project can be installed here )

rely on ( Project dependent tools )

to configure ( That's configuration )

task ( Can run project , Package items, etc )

12, We choose the task 》server》 function , To run the project

13, Finally, click Start app You can see our own projects

ok, Perfect ending , Let's learn a little praise

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