Why study Python This question , No more discussion , The better question is : How to become Python killer ?

That's back to goal management “ Three questions of soul ”: Where am I ? Where am I going ? How can I get there ?
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First question “ Where am I ”, You need to answer this question yourself . You may have mastered one or several programming languages , Now I want to learn Python,Python
It's a basic zero ; Or you've taught yourself something , In the door, but not out of the way , That is Python
beginner ; Yes, of course , You may not have a programming foundation at all , There's not even a computer foundation , Many universities now offer liberal arts students Python curriculum , If so , Then you're completely zero based .

You need to work on your own , Make an objective assessment . Yes, of course , The starting line doesn't really matter , It depends on who laughs last . Next, I will focus on the following two questions .

“ Where am I going ?” It's a good question to answer , Of course, it depends on what the top experts in this field are doing . That's it Python, and Python Very good at learning , What are these masters doing ?

This picture is only used by experts Python Most scenes , They can use it Python Do more . You might as well leave this burden here , Untie it yourself when you become a master .

Clear goals are right in front of us , Then there's nothing to stop us .“ How can I get there ?” All roads lead to Rome , But the master is quick and precise , Map in hand , look for a noble steed to correspond with the one drawn , You can do more with less . Here's the picture
Python Keep the knowledge map in mind .

Now? , Want to be Python You should have a good idea .
last , More free learning materials see QQ skirt 688244617

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