Astronauts on the International Space Station meet with those on the Dragon Boat

   Tencent Technology News ( Qiao Hui ) Beijing time 6 month 1 Early morning 1 spot 23 About , take SpaceX
Two American astronauts of the Dragon spaceship have successively entered the International Space Station , Meet the astronauts waiting there .

   More than two hours ago , Beijing time 5 month 31 day 22 spot 30 branch , The manned dragon spacecraft has just successfully docked with the International Space Station .

   The two astronauts on the manned dragon flying ship are : Douglas G Hurley (Douglas G. Hurley) And Robert L Bainken (Robert L. Behnken), Born in
1966 Year and 1970 year .

Diagram note : Astronauts bainken and Hurley ( right )

   They've all been in space three times , And they're all veterans of shuttle missions . among , Hurley has more than 683 Hours of experience , It's been done 2011 year 7
Last shuttle mission in June ( Code :STS-135). Bainken as a space shuttle mission expert , Have been executed successively 2008 Of (STS-123) and 2010
Of (STS-130) task , The accumulated time in space exceeds 708 hour , These include 37 Hours of spacewalk time .

   The largest building in space : The International Space Station

   The total mass of ISS is 420 ton , long 109 rice , wide 73 rice , It's the largest building in space . Running about from the ground 400 Kilometers of low earth orbit , Speed is per second 7.6
kilometre .

   The international space station is a modern scientific research facility , Large scale , Space laboratory for multidisciplinary basic and Applied Science Research , It provides a lot of experimental loads and resources for scientific experimental research in microgravity environment , Support for a long-term presence in earth orbit .

   The international space station project was launched by 16 Countries build together , Operation and use , It's the largest ever , Space international cooperation projects that take the longest time and involve the most countries . since 1998
Since the official establishment of the station in , After more than ten years of construction , to 2010 Completed the construction task and transferred to the stage of full use in .

   at present , The international space station is mainly composed of NASA , Russian National Space Corporation , European Space Agency , Japan Aerospace Research and development agency and Canadian Space Agency .

   Fully automatic docking of manned spacecraft

   before , We already know , Manned dragon ship belongs to SpaceX The second generation of dragon spacecraft (Dragon
2), Ability to reuse . The second generation of dragon spacecraft can be divided into two types: manned dragon spacecraft and cargo dragon spacecraft , Its predecessor is the first generation cargo dragon spaceship (Dragon
1). The new spacecraft can automatically dock with the space station , Not like the first generation , Need help from the robotic arm on the space station . of course , The manned dragon spacecraft also retains the option of manual docking .

   The manned dragon spaceship used this time , diameter 4 rice , high 8.1 rice , Up to 7 Astronauts , It's the same number of astronauts that the space shuttle carries , Also with China 5 month 5
Daily tested “ A new generation of manned spacecraft ” Designed to carry the same number of astronauts .

   How long will the two astronauts stay in space ? How to return ?

   After the astronauts on the manned dragon flying ship entered the space station , Where to carry out the scheduled scientific tasks . Specific return date , There is no official statement at present , It's just that it won't be later 9 month 23
day . When the manned dragon spacecraft returns , Lose service first , Then slow down with the shield , After reaching a certain height , Then deploy the parachute to complete the final brake , Finally splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean .

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