Experts in this paper : Yan ya , Doctor of medical biomaterials, Nankai University

   Acne , A lot of people have visited “ Annoying essence ”.

   It's OK to grow one and two , In case of more risks , Beauty will be affected , Annoying .

   With pimples , Many little friends have a habit , Cut it out or squeeze it out ! The moment of bursting , Feeling inexplicable sour !

   however , A recent news story , You have to watch out for pimples .

  28 Year old girl fish ( Pseudonym ), Because of a pimple act , I had a bad time ……

   There are a lot of similar news :

   Acne really can't be picked and squeezed ? How to deal with acne ? How to make it “ grace ” The disappearance of ? Get to know this “ annoying ” The imprint of .

   Why acne ?

   The hair follicles that originate from the skin - hair - Sebaceous unit , It consists of hair follicles , Three units of hair and sebaceous gland , The hair follicle is mainly responsible for the production of epithelial cells , That's what we call keratinocytes .

   When the metabolism of keratinocytes in the hair follicle is abnormal , More and more accumulated keratinocytes , It will block the hair follicle catheter , Which leads to acne .


   The premise of acne , It's clogged hair follicles . The anaerobic environment caused by blockage further led to the proliferation of the original Propionibacterium acnes and other anaerobic bacteria in the hair follicles
, At this time, a pimple is like a small arsenal , There is an Infinite Crisis .

   What are the risks of pimples ?

   Infection caused by bacterial reproduction

   When you squeeze , The pressure applied to both sides of the acne does not necessarily cause the acne “ burst ” come out , On the contrary, it may lead to the purulent substances contained in acne and the mass propagation of bacteria migrating to the deep skin tissue .

   Even with the rupture of capillaries into the blood , Cause more serious infection .


   Pockmarks and pits

   It's not just pus and blood , Sometimes you will see some clear liquid , In fact, this is the tissue fluid exuded when the tissue around the acne is squeezed and damaged .

   in other words , Acne will crush the surrounding tissue , Instead, the damage area is enlarged , Even produce adhesion and color deposition after secondary inflammation , I.e. pockmarks and pits .

   therefore , It's not recommended to squeeze or pick up acne , This will not only prevent acne from disappearing , It can also lead to further infection , It's a mess in the end , More time to recover .

   be vigilant !“ Danger triangle ” You can't pick your pimples !

   Danger triangle : It refers to a triangular part composed of three points on the nose root and both sides of the nose wing , This area is rich in blood vessels and nerves .

   When squeezing the pimples in this area , Too much pressure will crush the hair follicle, hair, sebaceous gland unit . And this rupture , Part up , Squeeze the pus out .

   But there are also some bacteria and old waste cells in the pimples that will crush and break into the capillaries , Enter the blood circulation , Cause more serious infection , Even lead to intracranial infection .

   According to the location of acne growth, the behavior of picking acne can be classified as a risk level , Facial “ Danger triangle ” No doubt the highest level of red warning .

   therefore , Grow in “ Danger triangle ” Pimples of , Can't pick !

   How to make acne “ grace ” The disappearance of ?

   We can improve from the following aspects  :


   Adjust diet

   Research shows , Production of acne and intake of milk products , Eating high sugar , Fried food is closely related .

   These foods promote insulin production , Up regulation of insulin like growth factor (IGF-1) Expression of , Activation of androgen receptor
, There are many patients with severe acne after stopping eating the above food , Acne has improved significantly .

   Some people think that eating spicy will cause acne , But at present, according to the results of medical statistics , It doesn't show that spicy food is necessarily related to acne .

   however , We can depend on whether we have pimples or not , Decide not to eat .


   Careful use of cosmetics and skin care products


   The occurrence of acne and the disorder of cutin metabolism , There is a certain relationship between excessive oil secretion .


   Try not to make up if the whole face is full of acne , Because make-up will aggravate pore clogging , Removing makeup can also stimulate acne . If you have to make up , Mineral base makeup can be used , Less skin irritation .

   Usually skin care can choose oil control and anti-inflammatory , Skin care products promoting the metabolism of keratin . for example , nicotinamide , tea plant , Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate , Contains fruit acid , Skin care products with salicylic acid and other ingredients .

   Apply acne cream

   Different acne can be applied locally with different external medicine , If it's a big red bag type of acne , You can use dimensions A Ointment with acid composition , Accelerating acne “ mature ”.

   If it's a pimple , It often represents acne accompanied by bacterial infection , In this case , We can apply it locally with anti bacterial ointment , Accelerate the cure of acne .



   Professional treatment

   If there is a large area of acne eruption on the face , Or pimples, redness, swelling, pain that hasn't been relieved for more than a week , You can go to the hospital and ask a dermatologist to help clear the acne , Accelerated recovery . Remember not to clean up at home
, Because it's hard to disinfect thoroughly at home , May cause further damage to the skin , Increase the possibility of infection .

   Pay attention to protect the wound from infection after cleaning , Scar patches can be used to protect wounds. , Accelerate healing , Reduce the pigmentation of wound , Avoid pockmarks .

   in addition , Some cosmetic treatment projects of photodynamic therapy , Combined with medication , It can also effectively improve the problem of acne .

   therefore , Do you remember that if you have pimples, don't pick them up, or it will make your pimples worse

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