love , It is to promote the mental maturity of self and others ,

And have a self-improvement will .

This is also a gap between human and machine

If life deceives you




If life deceives you ,


Don't be sad , Don't worry !


Calm down in a blue day :


Believe it , Happy days will come !


My heart is always looking forward to the future ;


Now it's often melancholy .


All in a flash , Everything will pass ;


And that passed , Will become a kind nostalgia .

Если жизнь тебя обманет

Если жизнь тебя обманет,

Не печалься,не сердись!

В день уныния смирись:

День веселья, верь, настанет.

Сердце в будущем живёт;

Настоящее уныло:

Все мгновенно,все пройдёт;

Что пройдёт, то будет мило.


《 Long live youth 》 Prelude

Wang Meng

All the days , Come all the days ,

Let me weave you , With the golden thread of youth ,

And happy Yingluo , Weave you .

There are songs and laughs on the boat , Campus dance under the moon ,

Drizzle, mengmengli outing , March on the morning of the first snow ,

There's a heated debate , Leaping , Warm heart ......


It's a day gone by , It's also a day full of reverie ,

One after another wish lost , Like spring rain ,

We have time , Powerful , Burning faith ,

We long for life , Desire to fly in the sky .


It's a simple day , It's also a changing day ,

A vast world , What a surprise ,

I've always been in high spirits , Never indifferent ,

tear , laugh heartily , Thinking deeply , It's the first time .


All the days , Let's go ,

I am happy to move forward in my life ,

What a heavy burden I can't soften ,

What a tough fight I won't lose face ,

one day , Polished the gun , Polished the machine , Wipe off sweat ,

I miss you , Hello ,

And with pride , Look at you .

Long live youth

Mo Yan said : If you turn the journey to the West , In fact, it's the most real life ! 

The Tathagata sent four teachers and disciples to take eight Tianshu and little Bailong to preach in the eastern Tang Dynasty , I met all kinds of monsters along the way , They're all backstage , No matter how bad you do, you will not be punished . 

Bajie and monk Sha think it's too dark , But one of them hid in Gao Laozhuang , One got into Liusha River , Wukong is the only one who insists on justice and kills demons and demons to escort Shifu to preach . 

As a result, Tianting could not bear Wukong and reached an agreement with Tathagata —— We can guarantee Tang Sanzang's safe arrival in Chang'an , But you have to deal with monkey king , Tathagata agreed , Under a conspiracy , Bailong falls into a mountain stream seriously injured , Wukong is defeated , Under the pressure of Wuzhi Mountain .

  Tang Sanzang abandoned Monkey King , Come to Chang'an alone , Teaching in Chang'an , He was named the Royal younger brother , Enjoy the splendor , die in one's bed . 

Five hundred years later , Wukong finally escaped from the foot of Wuzhi Mountain , Not a word , It's a mess , Tianting is forced to promise to turn pig Bajie into a human being , Marshal Tianpeng
, Monk Sha is called the rolling curtain general , As long as they can kill Monkey King . 

Last last , Frustrated by brothers' fratricide, Wukong goes to find Bodhi's founder , And then he sealed his accomplishments , Ruyi's golden cudgel is thrown into donghaihua to make a sea god needle , Back to Huaguo Mountain , Accompany monkey, monkey and grandson through the ordinary life , Finally, it turned into a stone at the top of Huaguo Mountain ……

Imagination is the fusion of emotion and reason , It's also “ I ” The boundary of .

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