With the rise of mobile Internet , There is an increasing demand for programmers in the market , Programmers are paid more than other industries , So a lot of training institutions are targeting this market , This also causes the training institutions in the market to be mixed , *** .

Old programmers make complaints about , ***

Bachelor degree , I have answered the written examination questions 20 Polycentric ( Normal passing line 30 branch ), Because it's locals who can practice , I'll give you an interview , I asked , Basically nothing , But can say a few related nouns , He can't explain it clearly , The resume is very detailed ( But no skill ), There is a clear sense of disobedience , Finally, I asked that it was originally recommended by the training class , The resume was written by the teacher . Technology doesn't ask , And then I chatted with her about the training course , It's obvious that the child is in a hole .

The biggest difference between training classes is course design , They say it's embedded training , As a result, I learned half and started teaching again android, Doing a project is the same as filling in a blank , Even if you know how to add , I don't know why , As a result, none of them understood , So it's basically a waste of money . She was fooled by the training class in autumn , As a result, neither autumn recruitment nor spring recruitment found a job , Undergraduate education is wasted to some extent . train 4 Months , tuition 16000 Or after graduation 1 Monthly return within the year 1600, About 19000. I asked the next question, did not the training class recommend jobs or guarantee the minimum wage ? The other side said , Recommended , You are ... I told him , This is your resume . He said a year after the minimum wage was guaranteed 4000( Not low in this area , Don't compare with the first line ), Did I write about the contract , He said he wrote , I'm surprised at that , So I asked about the specific implementation , The result is 1 Years later 4000, That way we can go to the retraining class 4 Months , We can't get it later 4000( Right? 1 Years later, I didn't ask ), Can be reversed 10000, Sure enough, the money is not easy to take .

Sent this guy away , Tell directly HR, In the future, this training institution recommends not to , The name of the organization will not be mentioned , After all, there is a big gap between different branches , This organization has no reputation .

So much to tell you two things :

1: Don't trust any job guarantee for the training course .

2: Before going to the training class, you must know whether the course design of the other party is reasonable .

Old programmers make complaints about , ***

After the landlord posts , Many students who have trained in training institutions make complaints about them. , I also came out of the training class , But our course is reasonable , And the project is also very strict , But the school also said it recommended employment , I guess I'll tell you that it's a proxy resume .

I came out of the training class , Fortunately, my first job was introduced by a friend , Only when I went in did I know that what I learned was different from what I used to do in my job . Fill in the blanks at school , How do teachers teach us how to do it , Limitation of thinking , There's no technology at all , Later, I try to learn all kinds of courses by myself , I have accumulated a lot of experience with the company's projects , Now in retrospect, how stupid I was at that time , learn IT You need to combine knowledge with practice , You know, if you can't do it, you don't know !

Some netizens also said that the training course is to find a learning direction , I also came out of the training class , Graduation from senior year is a circle around the same place , What are you confused about when you come to Beijing to find a job , Just signed up for a training course , I feel that the training course is to let me find a learning direction , The cost is too high . The landlord replied , It's just that you didn't think about it , show lack of judgment .

Old programmers make complaints about , ***

For this , What do you think , But I understand that the current training institutions charge a lot of money .

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