We start with a person's real experience .

documentary film 《  Apocalypse of defeat 》 Michael in · Bent , It's a boxer . He used to 4 New York Golden Gloves Open champion ,5 Won the National Championship .

Here you might say , He is a successful man .

But he said :“ I don't want to be a professional boxer ”.

When he was a kid, he told his father that , But in exchange for a fight . My father's idol is Ali , I want my son to be a champion , So he was raised to fight .

On his first professional ring , The first leg of the first game , I was beaten down by my opponent .

After losing the game , He was very depressed , Only for the champion .
Until one day , A manager discovers his potential , And sign him . After returning to the competition , He won at one go 10 Games , Become the star that everyone pursues .

But victory is not long-term . Against herbier · Hyde time , He was soon knocked down by the other side .

After the game , He fainted backstage . coma 4 Wake up in days , The doctor said that if he later cracked his head , Even if it's just a fall on the road , Will become a vegetable .

in other words , He can't fight anymore .
When everyone is sorry for him , He himself said ,“ Now I'm free ”.

After you can't fight , He signed up for a writing class , Write down your heart journey after losing the game , Post publication , Well received .

meanwhile , And he became an actor , In the movie 《 Champion Ali 》 Neutralize will · Smith plays opposite , Play Sony · Liston .

later , And he's completely changed his career , Coach the actors in the film and TV series , Guide them in boxing . film 《 Million dollars baby 》 He's also involved .

Bent who was despised in the world of boxing , I found something I really like to do in the movie circle .

Back to the question we started with : How to know what you are suitable for ?

1. Dare to try

actually , There is no general way . You can only walk one way , Try it at the same time . Until you find something you like .

What do you like ?

It's the one that doesn't let you work overtime , But you are also willing to take the initiative to do things .

Some may be lucky , At the beginning of life, I found what I was suitable for . And some people are slower , Find out what you are suitable for in the middle of life .

however , As long as you are willing to find , One day you will know what you are suitable for .

You might say , Doesn't that mean you didn't say anything ?

The meaning of life is to explore , If you don't want to explore , To find , Then no one has the ability , It's your duty to tell you what's right for you .

I also graduated from Graduate School 5 Years later, I found something I like . Before that, I have been exploring and trying .

I hope you can work hard at the same time , Looking up at the road .

2. Find your best area of work

If you're looking for a job of your own “ Best areas ” work , Then the job will be better . So called “ Best areas ”, It's what you love , What you're good at , And what society needs 3 Overlapping areas . 

allied , About how to determine the worthy cause , Strategic Consultant , Famous blogger , Designer bud · Kadeer clearly points out three principles : Good at doing , What I want to do , Can make money . He used the following picture to make this rule :

There are three overlapping circles in the picture , Respectively : What you're good at , Like to do , Can make money . Suggestions are given for each overlapping part :

1) Find ways to make money : If you are good at and like to do something , But we can't make money from it , Then we should find a way to make money , Cashing in skills

2) Not for long : If you are good at something and can make money , But you don't like it , Then it can't last long . On the premise of survival , At the same time, cultivate to do what you like .

3) Advanced technology : If you like to do something and you can make money , But not good at it , So we should improve our technology , Gradually Polish yourself , Until learning to do it .

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