Huawei    glory MagicBook   5000     The power on button also integrates fingerprint identification function   Super long endurance   Intel's eighth generation core i5-8250U processor  
MX150 Discrete graphics ( Choose to carry AMD Ryzen 5-2500U Processor's MagicBook4000 element )

association ideapad 720s     

The whole machine adopts all metal body , Metal texture    

The quality of this screen is also excellent , near 100% SRGB Gamut and 72% NTSC Gamut 1080P Full HD IPS display screen


This computer is equipped with Intel i5-8250U/4GB Memory /256G Solid state configuration is only 4999 element , However, the memory of this machine is fixed on the board and cannot be replaced , So I suggest you choose 8GB Memory configuration , The price will rise to 5699 element , And carrying Ryzen
5-2500U/8GB Memory /256G The configuration price of solid state is 4798 element



HP ENVY x360-13

2 Inch in the fuselage 4 Design of speaker units , coordination B&O Sound effect , The sound effect is much better than other light and thin ones

In addition to configuration Ryzen 5-2500U Processor and integrated AMD Radeon Vega 8 Outside the video card , It's also equipped with 8GB Dual channel on board memory and 256GB Of NVMe PCIe
SSD Solid state drive , Overall performance is pretty good . Considering such rich characteristics and low price , Overall, I think this HP ENVY x360 13 The price performance ratio is actually the highest



So if you really care about the price , If performance is not very important , Choose the glory of the Reebok MagicBook; At present, it seems that sharp dragon, which has the highest comprehensive cost performance ratio, is HP's ENVY

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