Connect to the last loop , Life is fast , Especially after not going to school , Feel more intense .

Take out your cell phone , The king's pesticide ,LOL Platinum strength of me , Soon won the game , Look at the time tomorrow is Friday , alas ~~~
I'm going to have a blind date tomorrow , Tens of thousands of people don't want to , I have to give it to my dad's classmates , My uncle's face , Go clean up and cut your hair .

Friday , It's complicated to get on the bus , Start a fight , If a ugly girl refuses , Of course, I'm not very good-looking ; If you were a beauty , You can leave a contact information. Take your time , After all, I don't want to get married too early , Better not look at each other . Um. , Wait for the opportunity , Maintaining the status quo . It's her house , Dad gave me a box of cigarettes before I got off , I've never smoked , It's not good or bad , Get out of the car and meet the man , The technique is quite unskilled , Clumsy . It's her grandfather's house , Sitting in the living room talking to her grandfather , Waiting for her to come , Not nervous that's a lie . Soon her mother said
Here comes my daughter , I looked inside at the door , She was wearing a pale yellow dress , Standing at the door , Light makeup on the face , It looks fresh . Her grandfather called in her granddaughter , And then I went out , She and I are left in the room , The atmosphere was once awkward . I had a good first impression of her , She's a good girl next door , It's not a girl with a lot of makeup . I have to make a good impression on him, too , Of course not the shape , I think I'm not very handsome . Let me start with a topic , And start talking , Slowly, no strangeness, and we can talk . I learned that she was still in her last year of school , It's normal school , Come out and be a teacher , Contact me for a short time, I think she should be one of me , Slow heat type , Introverted to strangers , Talk to acquaintances . Almost , Cut into the theme ,“ What do you think of me? ?”
“ Do you want to get married ?” Her answer was neutral , But marriage is the same as I think , Don't want to be too early , You can get to know more first . The cell phone vibrated , This is a code that was negotiated before entering the house , Sending a message is asking how it's going , And then I told her , It's almost time to talk. Let's go out . Outside , I didn't give you a deposit ( My hometown has this rule , After seeing each other, I'd like to pay a deposit , You give it, you take it , If you don't give it to her, you can go on dating other people ), Went to her door with her , They left cell phone numbers for each other , wechat number , And then I put the deposit in her hand ( There is another rule in my hometown , When the woman receives the deposit, she agrees , We can get along )
on the way home , Still excited , Frankly, I'm very satisfied , It's a very nice girl ,QQ Let's talk about it , Express your feelings .

OK More here , Daniel leaves one after another , Remaining uncompleted projects , We need to clean up the mess , I worked overtime every day last week 11 spot , It's probably the same this week , Time to update .

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