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One , Manage people

1, recruit

Recruit talents with first-class qualifications , Second rate jobs , Pay top salaries . of course , The top three are relative

Most people can't afford to go up or down in their new jobs or pay

Better miss a thousand , Don't mistake one

Relatives and friends can use less

I have some personal prejudice against laid-off workers . Most laid-off workers , In particular, the laid-off workers in the state-owned units, who are slightly older, are basically full of complaints , Feel that society is unfair to him , And bring dissatisfaction and all kinds of bad habits of the original unit to the new company , I think the company should give him any benefits , Others owe him , It's hard to get into a new company , A small proportion of them are willing to work . Maybe private enterprises are not suitable for laid-off workers .

2, to grant authorization
Even if the staff can only do your job 70%. Sometimes I'm in a hurry , The customer sales staff who can talk about it clearly is so poor that they can't talk about it , I can't wait to rush up on my own , We have to endure , Or how to improve their employees .

The chief saw a problem with a soldier , Never scold a soldier , He would only scold the commander of the soldier's Battalion , The battalion commander scolds the company commander again , Level 1 management level 1 , At last the monitor skinned the soldier . So even though there are thousands of troops in the army , Still able to enforce orders and prohibitions .

3, Key people : Some money can't be saved
We'll start another company in the next life , As long as the company has 4 personal , Must be a boss , An accountant , A cashier , One warehouse keeper , I don't want to save that money .

4, controller -- Shortlist general

5, Keep the backbone : How to keep the backbone of small companies , raise
I just want to satisfy the company 20% The backbone of .

First of all, develop key employees to become shareholders : I will buy one for free , Half price sales to key employees , Refund of principal only within five years , I will redeem three times of my shares after withdrawing for more than five years . Annual profit 60% a bonus . Anyway, if you have money, you can earn it , But once shareholders do something that they're sorry for the company , Double punishment , Deducted from share capital . It's a good move , Near 5 No shareholder left during the year , And the company has shareholders in key positions , Saved me a lot of energy .

Two , Manage money

1, Signature and voucher of financial system

Financial system must be sound and strictly implemented , The company is big , Uneven quality of personnel , If there are loopholes in the financial system , It's hard to avoid that some people will take advantage of it and make illegal profits , This is not only a loss to the company's interests , And it's a bad lead , Other employees will feel that if they don't take advantage of the company's financial loopholes, they will suffer relatively , In this way, the company's atmosphere is getting worse and worse , The boss won't be in a hurry to cry .

2, Pay wages on time

In fact, this is the most basic quality of being a boss . I don't think every boss will object to this ( At least not verbally ), But the reality is that many companies can't do it .

It's kind of like taking drugs , Once, there will be a second , As soon as the capital is tight, the boss will use the arrears of employees' wages to ease it , As a result, the trust of employees in the company and the boss has disappeared . The survey shows that , The most intolerable thing employees can do for the company is to pay in arrears , This is often the most important factor in the turnover of some enterprises .

3, welfare : Labor protection products

“ You don't understand , I'll send these things to the staff to take home , The employee's family members think our company's welfare is good at a glance , How respectable the staff are , It's only over 100 yuan for each person. It looks like another pile , What a deal .

But the basic five insurances and one fund are in place first . Don't want to be a flower before you do it

4, shares , annual bonus , Accrual

In the first few years, I made a profit every year 30% For dividend , Although the total is quite large , But for small shareholders , Some don't hurt or itch . Listen to the suggestions of senior officials in the past two years , On the one hand, the company's own funds are sufficient to support the daily operation , On the other hand, the inflation rate is too high recently , I simply increased the proportion of dividend at the end of the year to the net profit of the year 60%, Announcement of news 1 , The company's minority shareholders are too happy to close their mouths , Some employees who had hesitated before also asked me about their shares .

I used to distribute the year-end bonus myself , There are more people in the company now , I can't understand the details of every employee's work in the company in this year , therefore , The company will determine the total number of year-end bonus according to the current year's benefit , I will distribute it to each department according to the total amount of year-end bonus, the contribution of each department and the number of people in each department , Let each department manager and HR manager allocate to each employee according to the assessment criteria , Finally, I just need to evaluate the year-end bonus of the department manager according to the work performance of each department in this year .

Before, the year-end dividend and year-end bonus were amortized monthly as expenses in the second year , The method is not very scientific , It is changed to monthly accrual in the current year , Reserve this part of expenses in profit every month , So that you can know when you pay the bonus at the end of the year , Each department also has a basis in calculating the total amount of year-end bonus .

Three , General management principles

1, Principle bottom line establishment : Being the boss and driving

Running a company is very similar to driving a car , The boss is like a driver , The car is running on the road , As long as it's within the two white lines of this lane OK, No need to adjust the steering wheel at all times , Otherwise the driver is tired , Passengers tired , It's easy to get out of danger , arduous but fruitless . As long as the operation of the company is under control, no big mistakes will be made , The policy should be implemented stably , Maintaining consistency , Let employees know . The power of small business owners , Lack of supervision , Policy making should be more cautious , Otherwise, the company is always adjusting , Lack of stability of employees , It's weird if you don't run out

When you see any new regulations of other companies, you often use them as soon as you think about them , After a period of time, I found that the effect was not good, and then I pushed it down again , Make the company's employees at a loss . Some of the original Commission reward methods are already very good , It is more reasonable after practical test , Employees agree , After listening to any expert lecture or reading a management book , Without careful consideration and in combination with the actual situation of the company, the transformation should be copied , Make a new policy now , Results the accountant complained that it was not easy to operate , Employees complain about unreasonable policies , After a toss and turn again

Learn to say “ No ”

The company has regulations , Companies don't lend money to individuals .” He is not willing , ask again :“ For key employees ?”. I said :“ Treat all companies equally , Salary and bonus of key employees can be paid more , Can buy shares on preferential terms , But there is no exception to this rule .

Don't expect to make friends inside the company

All in accordance with the rules and regulations , Just manage the company , Let everyone get more salary and bonus as much as possible , Everyone is insured , Key employees share the company's development achievements , If you can afford your conscience, it's over . Boss is a lonely job , Make friends outside the company .

2, Policy making

Some leaders ( Including I always wanted to pay less bonus , Tell employees more about life philosophy ) Report to the staff on the stage , Sometimes I don't believe what I said , Who is more stupid now , Unprofitable , It's no use trying to make more sense if the policy is not right . The reform of rural land contract system in the last century , One package will work , In the final analysis, it is because the policy finally conforms to human nature

Avoid making decisions on the spot
Listen at both ends , Don't listen to one thing

3, Policy line transparency : The more transparent some things are, the better

As long as it does not involve personal privacy, it does not affect the fundamental interests of the company , All affairs of our company are basically transparent . The base price of the goods shall be disclosed to all salesmen , Just explain to them in advance the calculation and amortization method of various expenses such as logistics and warehousing taxes , Set minimum selling price , Others are all decided by the salesman himself , This not only enhances mutual trust between employees and the company, but also simplifies many sales intermediate links , Increased reaction speed . But we must ensure the bottom line and fundamental interests of the company , No. the more transparent the brain, the better

Four , Daily management skills

1, The boss tried to sing red

The general manager of a Japanese company seldom scolds ordinary employees , Nice to the bottom employees , But he often scolds the middle-level cadres in front of the employees , If an ordinary employee makes a mistake, the direct leader of the employee is responsible for handling it , Of course, when the salary is paid at the end of the month, the general manager is not ambiguous , In this way, the company is not only well managed , And the employees are more balanced

2, Make full use of scientific and technological means for management

Fingerprint punch software ; Network finance , stock , Reimbursement software ; Call center recording software

3, From result management to process management

So we changed the report of the business department to one week summary , On Monday of each week, it is required to summarize and verify each person's business development and actual completion of tasks in the last week , Take immediate measures for abnormal phenomena , Communicate with the employees who have not completed the task independently immediately , Find out why , Solve problems in time . After the new measures have been implemented for some time , I think the company's response to the market has greatly improved , Managers at all levels have a basic understanding of the actual business situation , There is no need to overstock the problems of the current month until the beginning of next month .

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