Get up early in the morning , When I turn on my cell phone, I see an email alert :

   For me , This is a happy time , I Know , Behind this is another story of a young man suffering from trouble .

Open attachment , That's true :

I am X A student majoring in clinical medicine in College of Medicine , This self introduction is my biggest confusion .

My mother is an architect , Annual cost budget and audit of construction projects , She is the first female cost engineer of our city construction corporation . That's why , The bedroom in my memory is always full of blue and white drawings . I've been curious since I was a kid , How can that bundle of lines and numbers become tall buildings , Watching my mother write and draw on the drawing , Tapping in front of the computer screen , I fell in love with architecture , Architecture is the art of flow , It's a still note , it's me 18 Pursuit before age .

( Students are omitted here “ Non Tongji architecture ” To be learned now 985 The story of medical major admission .)

No professional transfer , I don't know anything about medicine , My university is unfolding in confusion .

Sleep in class , Play mobile phone in anatomy room , Two of the four major courses are wandering on the passing line , I muddled through the first semester .

The primary purpose of taking this course is to cheer yourself up . After a semester of study , I sincerely thank Mr. He Lijian .

I'm impressed by Mr. He's saying something : Interest is the best teacher , So don't study without interest ? Lost the best teacher , Shouldn't we turn to the next best teacher for help ? The next best teacher is hard work . When you study hard , You'll find out , Interest can be cultivated .

Yeah , what is done cannot be undone , Since I can't change the reality that I want to be a doctor , Rather than complain , Better to work hard .

I still often think of the mess of my own wishes , But I've finally started .

According to the way in moocchio , Check the employment demand and career trend of medical specialty on the job search website , Plan your career , draw up a program of study , Review the subjects that fooled the past semester . I also joined the teacher's English learning group , Read English every day .

tell the truth , I'm still confused . I'm afraid to pick up the brain tissue in the autopsy room , Afraid to dissect the peritoneum of mice , Even watching TV series 《 Cardiology 》 I frown at a bloody operating table , But I'm not going to stay where I am , I have to work for a qualified surgeon , We must live up to our medical students' vows : Department of health , Life entrustment . I am determined to do my best to eliminate the human disease , Perfect for health , Maintain the sanctity and honor of medical skill , heal the wounded and rescue the dying , Hard work , Persistent pursuit , Striving for the development of medical and health undertakings of the motherland and the physical and mental health of human beings for life .

This kind of story has seen a lot , But I really don't want the first half of the story , But I really want the second half , Once again, they were moved by the responsibility of houlang people !
   Once again empowered by students , This course needs to be revised , I'm so worried .
   Write back to the students like this :

I got this letter early in the morning , Surprise me . Congratulations on finding your way back !

Developing the self perception of the course to the confusion of College Students . I was lost , Academic disconnection , When I become a teacher , See more young people wandering and depressed , These things happen naturally . I'm glad to accept your thanks , But I also want to thank you for your hard-working classmates , Because you're delivering energy for me , Let me keep this computer teacher “ amateur ” We're going to continue .

I've seen a lot of muddleheaded volunteers , The last thing I want to see , It's you who have a clear pursuit but are not professional at all . however , Life doesn't always evolve according to one's own wishful thinking , After the error , How to go on correctly , It's more valuable . You've set up your ambition to save lives and help the wounded , Connect your value with the life and health of the public , It's the same as using landmarks to show off your achievements , It's just as great and glorious !

Wish you a new passion , Pave a wonderful new road of development !

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