1. What is tomato working method

* Inventor of tomato working method

Italian Francesco · Cyrillo in 1992 Tomato working method was founded in . He's like most of us , It's a patient with severe procrastination . His first years in College , Once suffering from low efficiency in learning , So he did a simple experiment : I don't believe it. I can't focus 10 minute . He found a kitchen timer shaped like a tomato , Transfer to 10 Minutes to focus . later , He improved the method , Formed tomato working method .
* A sentence description of tomato working method
List daily tasks , And break it down into one by one 25 Minute task , Then one by one .

2. How to implement tomato working method

2.1 preparation in advance
List the tasks that must be completed today Estimate the cost of each task .
* Two schedules : A to-do list , The other is the tomato planting worksheet . Record all the tasks in your mind on the to do list , Mind Dump . And the tomato planting worksheet specifically lists the tasks to be completed today .
* Two differences from previous work plans : One , Previous work schedule , Listed are the tasks to be completed , And the tomato work method has two task lists
; Two , Previous work plans are marked by the completion of each task , The tomato worksheet is based on the completion of the tomato clock .
* Two benefits of tomato clock : One is to dismantle the big task
For the tomato clock , Effectively eliminate the sense of oppression brought by big tasks , Relieve procrastination ; The second is to time with a standard tomato clock , How long does it take to complete a task “ Time concept ”, So as to effectively feedback work efficiency .
2.2 Interim Implementation
Focus on work Guaranteed rest

Focus on work :
Whether internal or external , The tomato working method emphasizes to ensure that 25 Focus on the same thing in minutes .

* Internal break : Interrupted by one's own thoughts and thoughts . The solution is to put these ideas on the to-do list , Not immediately .
* External break : Interrupted by external factors . Inform with , consult , plan , Answer four steps to solve .
Guaranteed rest :
Tomato working method emphasizes the function of rest , Learning to rest can form the rhythm of work rest , Make sure the brain has the energy to complete the follow-up tomato clock . Efficient working brain , Lose the ability to think globally .

* Make sure you have a rest after every tomato clock .
* Is in the state of heart flow , The end of the tomato clock also needs rest .
Two suggestions for rest : One , Try not to use your brain to think when you have a rest , Optional meditation , sleep , Or a cup of coffee, etc ; Two , Try to let your rest form a sense of rhythm , Namely 25 Minutes of focus , then 5 Minutes of rest .
2.3 Post review
replay optimization

1. replay : Review the day's learning , Compare the estimated working hours with the actual tomato clock , Find out the cause of the gap
2. optimization : Apply the experience and summary to the next tomato working method , Continuous improvement .

3. Principle and application scope of tomato working method

* From the perspective of design : Using the countdown method , Skillfully arouses people's sense of urgency , Increased focus .
* From the perspective of learning cycle , A countdown tomato clock and a break , It helps the brain to focus on thinking and the alternative use of divergent thinking .
* From the perspective of learning , The principle of tomato working method comes from Dai Minghuan's Theory .
Dai Minghuan's Theory
:PDCA Cycle is also called quality cycle , It is a general model in management , First by huwhart 1930 Year vision , Later, Dr. Deming, an American quality management expert, was in 1950 Dug out again in , It is widely publicized and applied in the process of continuous improvement of product quality .PDCA,P yes plan, draw up a plan ,D yes do, Implementation actions ,C
yes check, Inspection results ,A yes Adjust, Adjustment and improvement . That is to make plans constantly , Implementation plan , Feedback check , Improvement and perfection , Make a new plan after improvement , This is a process of continuous improvement and self evolution .

Is the tomato clock really effective ?

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