know this Seven matter No In vain One Have you planned your life ? One day as a monk, one day as a clock , Everything goes with the flow ? If you don't have a clear goal , It's likely to lose .
      Today's society is very competitive , You don't know how to survive , Bad guys are going to divide up everything , Take your job and your girlfriend , in short , You're going to lose .
    You want to win , We have to understand some rules of survival . There's no mystery , Just face the facts .
    You can ignore it , Continue to stumble on the road of life, I don't know why I never succeed ; You can do it yourself , Live a purposeful life .
Rule 1 : Know others , Fight for support
    Think about leaders in business, politics and other sectors , Most of them know how to get the support of others for what they want to do . They will persuade others to accept their views , And know what other people will do .
If you want the support of others , You have to know what they value most ? What beliefs and fears do they have ? What do you have to say to gain their trust ? You need to control others , We must also respect the self-esteem of others , At the same time, he felt “ It's good for me ”.
You have to rely on , Experienced people learn . For example, you find a new job , You should ask one or two old employees about the way the company operates . They are familiar with the company , I can tell you what the senior management likes , Even tell you the secret of promotion .
    You have to understand yourself and your colleagues “ Why? ” as well as “ how ” Do the current work . You need to understand human nature , That's all , What you do will resonate with others .
Rule 2 : Be responsible for your actions
    You have to understand : You should be responsible for your actions .
If you don't like your present job , If you are unhappy , It's up to you . As long as you admit , The current situation is self inflicted , that , You can analyze , How do you make it . Do you believe in others by mistake , Or forget to ask , Or too low on their own requirements ?
Understand your responsibilities , You'll be enlightened , No more :“ Why do they do this to me ?” You will say :“ Why do I treat myself like this ? How can I transform myself , To change that ?” You've learned that it's up to you to solve problems , Will act to change their lives .
    Notice I didn't say you should blame yourself , It's just that you're responsible for your actions . The difference here is very important .
I want you to understand : How to choose , What you do is up to you , So you're responsible for the results . Even if you had a bad experience in your childhood , then , You can't resist ; Now you're an adult , It's absolutely possible to ask for more .
    You have to understand , The past is over , The future is yet to come , You need to know what to choose .
Rule 3 : What people do , Pay more attention
    You want to go on a diet , The mouth can't help it ; You want to calm down , But I can't help losing my temper ; You don't want to give in at all , In the end, they gave in . This happens all the time , How to explain ?
    You are against your will , Because it pays off . The simplest example is overeating . You know eating too much is bad for your health , But in order to have a good meal , You can't stop .
If you want to stop something , You have to get rid of the idea that this behavior will pay off . If you want to influence the behavior of others , It's time to know what they're looking for in return , Ask them to do what you want them to do , Then you can get the return you want .
For example, many parents hear a baby crying , Just pick up the baby and coax it . The child feels , Just cry , It's going to pay off , So I often use this method . We can see the unexpected return , May encourage behavior you don't want to see . Between family members , Between employer and employee , Is there something similar ?
    Understanding and mastering the rewards of behavior , You can control your own behavior or that of others . This principle can greatly increase your ability to control things .
Rule 4 : Only by facing up to problems can we explain
If you don't want to face up to the problem , It's impossible to solve the problem . You have to know what you're not , Not afraid to question their beliefs and behaviors : Are you too lazy ? Too timid ? Do you have a life goal ? Do you often break faith with yourself ? You can't just make excuses for yourself . Shirking responsibility kills dreams , It will even put you on a dead end .
    If you always push , escape , You can never face the problem , So we can't solve the problem . You have to admit that you are not perfect , Learn from experience , Dare to choose , Change the status quo that does not meet the ideal .
Rule 5 : Action pays off
    What do people think of you , Will praise or punish you , It all depends on your behavior .
In other words , Action is the most important thing . What do you think , People don't care . No matter what thoughts or reasons you have , If not implemented , There's no value . such as , The doctor knows you're dying , But I don't care , You're still dead ; Knowing that your marriage is in crisis , Not trying to fix it , Marriage must end in divorce . You have to change course , To change your life .
    Please act , Do something for life . These things can be looking for new jobs , in short , Action will bring new impetus to your life .
    You'll make new friends , Find new opportunities , You'll soon find life colorful .
Rule 6 : Don't give in
It's impossible to live without difficulties and troubles . Some people may have a smooth family life , But it's not going well at work ; Some people do the opposite , Good job , The family is in a mess . Accept the fact , You don't see every problem as a crisis , I don't think I'm a failure in my life .
    You are your own manager , Efficiency must be emphasized , Strive for great rewards . If you are not a good manager at present , Then we need to cheer up , Not determined to solve the problem , Instead of accepting .
    You have to make a comprehensive plan for yourself , Don't let fate dictate . Understand : What you should get should not be worse than others , You have to work for yourself .
If you don't ask for wealth , Maybe it's a comfortable life , But this life is too late , Not necessarily a blessing . Be a good manager for yourself , You have to get out of the comfort zone , Work hard to achieve higher goals .
Rule seven : set sb.'s mind on goal , Strive for
I confirm , Suppose an elf came out of the bottle and said :“ Please tell me what you want ?” Most people are tongue tied , I don't know what I want . They might say :“ Nothing .” But it's not going to work . You have to identify your goals .
    I suggest you work out a plan quickly . If you want to build a closer relationship with your child , Don't wait for them to grow up , It was no use at that time . then , When you find yourself missing out , You will regret it .
For low NO , What is success ? What is the feeling of success ? How will you strive for success , Where to fight , Who to fight with ? You have to be bold , But it can't be divorced from reality . If you have 45 year , Can't jump or run , But I want to be a professional athlete , That would be unrealistic . You may want to choose another goal .
    If your goal is high or unusual , Please don't be afraid to talk . A lot of things, even if you ask , Not necessarily ; Dare not even ask , Just understand
Needless to say . You advertised in the newspaper for second-hand cars , Asking price 7000 dollar , Someone will come out 9000 Do you want us dollars ? therefore , Don't set too many goals , Otherwise, you'll do the work you don't want to do all your life .
    Remember , Your goal must be practical , More clearly . Only when you set a goal , You can work hard for this goal , Finally realize the ideal in your heart .

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