Come to Shenzhen to find a job this year , At the beginning of a week or two, keep getting back to the interview feeling
, Looking for a job is not ideal , I found that I had enough money with me , But then there's the lack of money and parental pressure . About a few days ago, I received Wuhan XX Company's HR Telephone , And introduce yourself to Wuhan XX Company's , The company is relatively large , But the following is outsourcing to Huawei , Then it was xx Interview of project manager of the company , The interview mainly introduces the previous work , What technology has been used , What functions are responsible for in the project .. After the interview QQ It's a contact interview , Afternoon after the interview hr Call me in . Day one entry , More depressed , Only responsible for arranging work , There's no one here to greet you , All by themselves . I don't know how to ask the colleagues of the project team in private , Later, I was given a specific task by a colleague , The main task is to see the front-end interface error reporting service
Find error exception , Send the abnormal code block screenshot to the discussion group , Make changes the previous month bug Tasks for writing interface documents , Later, other project teams were short of staff , Transfer to other groups for project reconstruction , The initial projects are 4 Individual development , It didn't take long to develop , It may be that overtime work is too heavy, and the latter is that business needs are too poor , A colleague transferred to another department , Another colleague told me that the project is too poor and overtime is too heavy
resigned , It's just the team leader and me
, The team leader is responsible for the development and control of four projects , No energy for projects , I often work overtime in the next month 11 spot , The team leader took time to see the development progress of the project , Reporting the situation to the project manager requires additional personnel . I thought adding hands could reduce the task , New colleagues have been working on many simple business functions for a month, and they will not have any problems with the written functions to help them modify them . often
Be called to the company by the team leader at the weekend Modify the function of colleagues bug...

until 11 end of month   Project reconstruction completed go online , I worked overtime for several months in a row , There was a time when I wanted to quit or I held back , But I didn't expect the project to be finished , I'm going to dismiss you , The company's approach
Not only do I feel cold, but also my colleagues can't see it . I am what I am 2018 Years of work experience , Work experience like this , I understand that the outsourcing company has no core technology and personnel  , Anyone can replace it . My advice for the job you are looking for is : Consider outsourcing unless there is a problem with eating .

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