2012 year 10 I came to Beijing in , Start software development (JAVA programmer ) work , So far 5 More than years ,
General technical ability , In the first year and a half, I worked in a transportation company , Because it was the youngest in the company , And I just had a bad internship , Let's go out for a bike ride , By bus , Because at that time, we were doing public bicycle project and real-time bus arrival forecast for the Transportation Commission , That's how I'm ruined 1 Years and a half . here we are 2014 year 3 In the month , I decided to change my company , This time I found an outsourcing company for financial services , Have done bank data migration work , Auto finance project , Insurance related items , Do it all the time JAVA Background development , Because the company belongs to on-site development , Workplace instability , So I chose to leave again . stay 2016 year 10 month , I came to an insurance company , Become a party A , Because it's a traditional industry , Many systems are C# Language development , There are few department developers , only 3 personal , Technical limitations , Lost in the future , Now I do 28 Age , I don't think my skills are very good , Trying to turn around , But I don't know if it's project management , demand management , product manager ,DBA Or other directions ? I hope the gods can help me to guide me !
Anxiety is by no means a recent occurrence , I've been thinking about this for the last two years , I did PMP certificate ,《 Information system project manager 》,《 Information System Supervisor 》,《 Information Security Engineer 》, Currently studying full-time MBA, It's not hard to see that the certificates I passed are 3 Directional , At present, I'm confused and don't know what to do ? In which direction ,1, technology , I admit that my logical thinking is not particularly strong , Creativity is not very good , It's almost impossible for technology to become a big bull , And technical bull is not my direction .2, demand , This kind of full-time work is rare , Also need to have industry background , I want to stay in the financial world , And I don't know much about banking and insurance .3, product , In terms of products, I just worked on the prototype , I don't know much about this direction , I don't know what skills are needed .4,DBA, I prefer databases , But usually that's right SQL Sentence addition, deletion, modification and query , There are also some simple optimizations , I don't know much about anything else .5, project management , I've brought small projects ,5,6 Individual small team , I have also learned a lot of management experience , But I never worked as a project manager , With theoretical basis and no practical experience . I hope all the gods here can help me to guide me , Give me a direction of transformation , Not limited to what I said 5 Directions , Thank you very much !

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