I have the habit of turning on automatic update , In the last few days , Geek King's computer is always updated , It's always updated for a long time , And it needs to be restarted after the update ! So far , The update finally stopped , Open the updated system, geek, and find out that the update is still changing a lot ! For example, this personalization interface , It's a big change , I believe it is often used Windows10 You can see it at a glance .

But for C Disk space for children , Another discovery may be disturbing , Careful friends will find out , stay C One more in the root directory Windows.old Folder for , Click on the properties , Folders take up a lot of disk space !

After clicking delete, we will find that this folder cannot be deleted successfully at all , Follow the system prompts , It's not hard for us to see , It's about authority .

Cannot delete successfully , Take up so much space , What should I do ? We still have hope to save us C Is it a dish ? Geek, remember a long time ago Windows7 upgrade Windows10 The same thing happened when , Thought for a few seconds , The solution finally comes back , Share with you .

here , We need to go back to my computer and find out C disc ( System disk ) Icon for , Click Properties , Disk cleaning several big words appear particularly dazzling , Please feel free to click these four big words !

next , We need to continue clicking “ Clean up system files ” place , Drag scroll bar , Find what needs to be deleted (Windows.old Mainly to be checked “ former windows Installation items ”) Check and click OK . A moment later , After cleaning up, we'll find out C disc Windows.old The folder is missing . This operation , It's released 25GB Space of , Still considerable .

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