I am a junior college student , Because high school is right LOL Overindulgence , Truancy and playing games more than last night's self-study , Finally, under my unremitting efforts S4 Platinum segment , Of course, it's a big drop , The result of college entrance examination is not ideal , I applied for a junior college .

College is fast , There is a training class coming to the school for publicity near graduation , I'm so dizzy to sign up ( In fact, I don't want to practice in an electronic factory , When the school collects money, training is practice , Their company seals you the same , Prove that you went to practice )

I have a strange phenomenon , Every time I meet a stranger in a new environment , To calm down . In the first three months, I learned very seriously , The homework of each class is finished on time ,“ The Good Student ”BUFF It didn't last long , With my freshness gone , Think about the frame at that time , It's not in the console I / O simulator anymore , It seems to be SSM frame .

To listen to a lesson and make a small difference , So many things don't , Not to explore . And finally 4 Group of people , Copy a system , There are sample pictures for , Let you write your own interface , Write your own backstage , Frame is what I've learned before , You can put it up if you use it , It's true. It's true. It only works , I don't know what these functions are .

Last half month of training course , It's a back word . The company helps you pack your resume , You're going to the back , Whether you understand or not , Just remember , If you ask, you will answer .

Let's start with that , There's still work to be done today .
Important work . For the first time CSDN Post , Look at the layout

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