What is business intelligence ? In short , It is a tool that can help users make correct and wise decisions about their business operation . General modern business operations , It usually produces a lot of data , As ordered , stock , Trading accounts , Call log , And customer information . How to use these data to improve

Understanding of business situation , Help us make timely decisions on business management and development , Correct judgment , in other words , How to extract useful information from business data , And then use that information to take informed action -- This is the subject of business intelligence .

at present , Business intelligence products and solutions can be roughly divided into data warehouse products , Data extraction products ,OLAP product , Display products , And integration of the above products for an application of the overall solution, etc .

Technology application in business intelligence :

The technical system of business intelligence mainly includes data warehouse (DW), On line analytical processing (OLAP) And data mining (DM) It consists of three parts .

Data warehouse is the foundation of business intelligence , Many basic reports can be generated from this , But its greater use is as a data source for further analysis . So called data warehouse (DW) It's theme oriented , Integrated , stable , Data sets at different times , To support the decision-making process in business management . Multidimensional analysis and data mining are the most commonly heard examples , Data warehouse can supply what they need , Consistent data .

On line analytical processing (OLAP) Technology helps analysts , Managers transform raw data from multiple perspectives , What can be really understood by users , And truly reflect the information of data dimension characteristics , Go fast , agreement , Access interactively , A kind of software technology to get a deeper understanding of data .

data mining (DM) Is a decision support process , It is mainly based on AI, machine learning , Statistics and other technologies , Highly automatic analysis of enterprise's original data , Make inductive reasoning , Mining potential patterns from it , Predict customer behavior , Help decision makers of enterprises adjust market strategies , Reduce risk , Make the right decision .

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