<> preface :Kettle It's a foreign open source ETL tool , pure java to write , You can Windows,Linux,Unix Run on , Efficient and stable data extraction .

Kettle Chinese name is kettle , Master programmer of the project MATT Hope to put all kinds of data in one pot , Then flows out in a specified format .


<>Kettle There are two types of script files in :

<>transformation and job,transformation Complete basic transformation for data ,job Complete the control of the whole workflow .

<> Basic concepts :

<>Kettle The family currently includes 4 Products :Spoon,Pan,CHEF,Kitchen.

SPOON Allows you to design through a graphical interface ETL process . Starting process is entry data-integration catalog , double-click spoon.bat

PAN Allow you to batch run by Spoon Designed ETL transformation .Pan Is a program executed in the background , No GUI .

CHEF Allow you to create tasks (Job).

KITCHEN Allow you to batch use by Chef Design tasks .KITCHEN It's also a background program .

task (job)
Responsible for [ transformation ] Organize together to finish a piece of work , Usually we need to decompose a large task into several logically isolated jobs , When these assignments are finished , It means that the task is completed .

transformation (Transformation)

Define containers for data operations , Data operation is a process from input to output , It can be understood as a container one level smaller than the job granularity , We break down the task into homework , You then need to break the job down into one or more transformations , Only a part of the work is completed for each transformation .

<>kettle Very simple to build , Out of the box . Premise is java The environment variables of must be configured by the local computer .

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