I read it a while ago 《Java sleepless 》, There is a series about the current situation of programmers' life in Taiwan , It's really impressive . So I want to sort out my current situation , Combined with my work experience , Let's see if we can reflect the general survival state of our group of programmers .
One , From specialty

On the professional background of programmers , There are only two situations , One is computer related , The other is not a computer major . Not computer science , Mathematics is common , Electronics , Automation related , When I was at school , Most of you are talking about , computer , Electronics and automation are one . Because the basic courses are very similar , Which makes the talents of these three specialties can communicate with each other . that , In addition to the above professional children's shoes want to be a programmer , No, No , It's just more work .

On the education background of programmers , There are also two situations , One is specialty , The other is undergraduate or above . Why do you have to do this ? This is how the industry sees it , It's skills that are specialized in science , Undergraduate studies theory . You can say that , The practical ability of the specialty is very strong , Better than undergraduate , This is obvious to all . What about the theory , If undergraduate students really study in school , After all, there is a theoretical basis , If it's mixed up , So we can say it responsibly , His theory may not be as good as that of a college student .

There is another force in the employment force , That's all kinds of training schools ( Or institutions ) Children's shoes coming out . I've worked with some , I feel like they are a group of people who are growing up . In the training stage, it's like doing an urgent project , Some people are scared , Some people have survived .
No matter where the hero comes from . As long as we are passionate about one industry and one field , that , I'll make some achievements in the end ! I firmly believe that .
What about me? , It happens to be a non computer major , At the time of completion , The topic is software related , Since then, I have been dealing with the software industry .
Half a year after I graduated , Not in programming , So why did you switch to software ? It will be described below .
Two , From programming language
I don't know if it will be slapped : The first programming language we learned was C language .

Most schools will offer this classic course , I'm no exception . but , I didn't learn well . It was just to pass the course , They often skip classes . and C Language curriculum design is also muddle along , remember , It was a half search .
Later on ? When learning the principles of Microcomputers , Assembly language required , This is even more confusing , There's no impression .
When I finished , To use VB6.0 Develop a client , such , I have learned three computer languages in my college life .
All of these , All laid a small foundation for me to convert programmers .
Three , From employment and company
Graduated , Facing employment problems .

I went to the oil field with my classmates , This is a job with a little relationship with our major , Electric control . Worked for half a year , Most of the time to the oil fields in the wilderness , Follow the drilling crew . This experience , It's nice to remember , But it was painful . I suddenly want to live a normal life , The wife and children's life in Northeast China . Everyone has the right to pursue their own life , I chose to leave . Follow my heart , Lord Qiao once taught us this .
I'm unemployed , Facing the employment problem again . I've positioned myself in my student days , Take the technical route first . I adore those skilled people , Want to be that kind of person , perhaps , The opportunity is coming .
Since we choose to take the technical route , Then analyze where to start ?
Let's find a family first , Make adjustments in practice . People , Can't idle for too long , It's been abandoned for a long time , It's really over . I'm glad I made the decision to work first .
This is an embedded technology company , Very small . The R & D team is the boss plus a senior , Now add me , Three in all . I'm new , New people who have just graduated for half a year .
Here I learned how to draw a board , Cabling and embedded programming (C51). In fact, it has a great impact on me , I grew up very fast . But it was a small company , There's a sense of crisis , I don't know what will happen in the future .
Now in retrospect , If I keep working , It's also not optimistic . Half a year later , I resolutely chose to leave .

At that time , One year after graduation , Nothing can be done . Lost in the future , The precipice is gloomy . I'm looking for a job alone in the rented cottage , That was the darkest time of my life , imprint is engraved on my heart , not so bad , My girlfriend's job is not bad , She's been encouraging me , And let me find a job I like . period , One of my brother-in-law is in the software industry , I called him . The most influential sentence in the conversation is . I asked ,Java Can we learn by ourselves ( I wasn't in the software business at the time , layman )? Answer : Certainly. ! Of course I , Now, the word is , Got it . Because I know , Those languages and skills , It's all self-taught . It was 2008 year 6 month .
That's it. , I got a job in a software company . Readers may ask about children's shoes , I didn't have any software experience at that time , How can I go to a software company so easily ?
as a result of , Bi set VB project , Some of the last companies VB Small projects . These experiences , It's enough to be a stepping stone for new people . This is the beginning of my career as a programmer !
Whether it's a small company or not , Big companies , The vast majority of software enterprises are private and private .
Some companies make their own products , Some are outsourced , Some are both .

The first software company I worked in had its own products . What about such a company , Recruitment is mainly used to maintain existing products , Occasionally there are new products to develop . My experience is , Not tired , But technology is locked in one area , And in most cases, it's upgrading and patching bug. Sometimes it's boring. It's not good for new people to grow up . If the product is profitable , It's a living thing , Otherwise, it will be very sad .

What about outsourcing ? When there are projects , Tired to death , When there is no project , Idle to death . Profitability depends entirely on the project . If the span of technology used in the project is not large , So it's very suitable for new people . After several projects , Some experience and experience will be accumulated for software development . It's a treasure , Nobody can take it . Only by summarizing can we accumulate , And persevere , Success is just around the corner .
Four , On the main topic --- What are you doing every day
Turn your eyes to the present , I work in an outsourcing company .
Every day's work is still very busy .
Early meeting . This morning will be a standing meeting ,15 About minutes . Report yesterday's work and today's plan .
code . Programmers work most of the time .
meeting . There are many kinds of meetings , Need analysis meeting at the beginning of the project , Structured meeting , Need confirmation meeting , Brainstorming session ... Some meetings , Say it mercilessly , Waste more time .
code Review. Let others know what you've done !
work overtime . The task can't be completed , Tight project, etc , As a member of the project team , We're going to rush to the front .
Five , What will happen in the future --- Career planning
What will happen in the future , No one can say that . But you need a direction , And prepare for it .
We do technical , The future is no more than two ways . Continue to do technology and not to do technology . It's not bullshit , It's a reality .
Big companies can provide for the aged , Don't worry about being kicked out by the company when you are old enough , Who has an old day , isn't it? ? architect , Senior Engineer ( designer ) It's all our home .
Project Manager , Do sales , Before sales, etc , There are many ways to choose .
No matter which one , Do what you like , And prepare for it . Believe it or not , Life is an organic encounter , Meet but not ask , But be prepared .
I hope you can discuss the current situation together , Share your work experience and experience , Give new people some inspiration , Give the old man some memories .

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