Is programmer the industry that eats youth meal ? The problem lies at home , A lot of people will agree , can't you see? , Many Internet companies recruit programmers , People in their thirties don't think about it , For example, Huawei , Some time ago, it was well known that they had retired 35 Employees older than , Although not officially confirmed , But there's no wind in the hole . Huawei has set up a 35 Age standard , But recently a netizen's disclosure made more programmers tremble : one person 32 Programmer interview at , But the leader said it's inappropriate to be too old , Let's see you off .32 I'm an old programmer at the age of ? This kind of speech soon aroused the hot discussion of all kinds of netizens .

What programmers rely on , Some Internet companies have turned it into a youth meal , hold 30 Employees over the age of , Is that really good ? Some programmer netizens listed their real experience : A transnational cooperation project , Colleagues in the United States , The oldest 50 Multi year old , The minimum number of years of service has also exceeded 20 year , Code with us rookies without exception , Day reading , View ,debug, They're high-level and they're high-income , Have a good time , Well respected in the company . Do programmers really eat youth food ? Absolutely not ! It's just that the environment here is too impetuous , Distorted values !

To the landlord , Some netizens analyzed it as follows : Is programmer's youth so short ? Pull it down ,32 Programmers are the most awesome times. , Technical capability , Business capability , Communication and coordination ability , Emotional control is the strongest at this time , Let him go just because his ability doesn't match his position , If this person is strong, it's because of his age , I just want to say the interviewer's brain damage .

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hey , I little interesting , How do you live 30, As long as it's grassroots, it's old age ? It's hard to say , Objective point theory , I've been stumbling around for so many years , There are very few people who find out how intelligent they are when they are young , Most people grow up slowly ,30 It's not stable enough , Why spread a trend ,30 Later eliminated , My side 30 There are many multi-year programmers , In fact, many people are creating anxiety , Anxiety about trafficking , Is the technology of young programmers the only one .

It reminds me of the academic atmosphere just after graduation , All recruitment only depends on education background , I didn't realize it until later ! Now it's fashionable to be younger , It's just that there are some leaders who lack self-confidence , Think young people are easy to control , Let's see how long the wind can last , Group thinking is indeed blind !

I don't know what readers think of this ,32 Is the year old programmer really a senior coder ?

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