When it comes to education, there is a saying ,“ Education is a good stepping stone ”. Due to the rapid development of Internet in recent years , So we need more computer talents , Some people said that , Does the Internet industry value education ? But I think they don't have back pain when they stand and talk , Although reality is more important than fantasy , But if you don't have a good degree, you can't even meet the requirements for an interview , So how can we find a good job ?

Recently, there is a programmer who graduated from junior college make complaints about himself. , The reason is that after entering Tencent, college graduates are looked down upon , After that, the news caused a lot of controversy on the Internet , Should programmer's education be inferior to junior college ?



The words and deeds of Tencent employees can be seen in the picture , But a high degree does prove that this person is a little intelligent , Learning ability is also strong enough , But if you don't work hard, you're not even a junior college student , There are some people who think of education as their backers , And there are a lot of people who fail .



Some netizens are quite right about this topic , Everyone is born equal , But that's true when it comes to hiring , There is no time in the enterprise to distinguish the ability of each employee ; And education is your first resume , In order to save time, enterprises can only accept talents in this way .



And netizens with extreme words , People who don't feel like they are lazy or stupid . Such words can't negate all people , Maybe it's because they don't fight , Maybe something happened , Can't generalize .

What do you think of this ? Welcome to comment !

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